Thursday, December 3

Trump vs Biden: What is the “red mirage” or “blue” and why is it key to understanding the results of the US elections?

  • Tamara Gil – @_tamaragil
  • BBC World News


The 2016 elections made for a very tense night.

Impatience can play tricks on us on election night.

Accustomed to the main media declaring a winner late at night or in the early morning of the next day – and even hearing some of the candidates acknowledge the victory -, the expectation for this Tuesday, November 3 is not surprising. .

But all the experts they ask for calm: we may not know the winner that day. What’s more, overnight we may be convinced that Donald Trump has covered the map in red, a Republican color; or that Joe Biden has done the same with the blue democrat; but it’s only about a mirage”.

It is a kind of “confusion” that various analysts and journalists in the country are warning about, amid the disinformation campaigns that have marked this campaign.

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