Wednesday, July 6

Trump will ask for more security in US schools and anticipate profiles with mental health problems

America’s main gun lobby, lto National Rifle Association (NRA), has kicked off its annual convention in Houston, rocked by controversy over the event’s schedule, which led politicians and country music stars to cancel their appearance.

In it, the former president from the United States, donald trump, plans to speak out and ask a “drastic” change in US approach about the problems of mental health and one school safety review following this week’s shooting at a Texas school by a gunman that killed 19 children and two teachers. His speech is after Wayne LaPierre.

“We have to drastically change our approach to mental health. There are always many warning signs. Almost all of these disfigured minds share the same profileTrump was expected to say at the annual meeting of America’s biggest gun lobby, the National Rifle Association, in Houston, according to excerpts of his speech seen by Reuters.

Main absences

As a sign of the unease surrounding the convention, several country stars have decided not to attend. Among them was singer Don McLean, known for his song “American Pie,” who felt it would be “disrespectful” for him to perform there. Another notable absence was that of the manufacturer of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle used by the shooter.

In the halls of the sprawling convention center lined with manufacturer booths, thousands of gun enthusiasts milled about examining weapons and rejecting new restrictions.

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“Personally, i think there should be more gun educationLisy, 31, a former soldier who is looking for a new pistol to put up her skirt told AFP, as “in Texas it’s too hot for pants.”

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The NRA, which has 5 million members, said to ensure the safety of Mr. Trump -to whom the organization gave tens of millions of dollars during his two presidential campaigns- firearms would be prohibited in the place.

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