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Trump’s promises unite Israel and Morocco by air

Correspondent in Jerusalem



Not even the coronavirus, again on the rise in Israel, stopped the agenda of normalization of relations between Israelis and the Arab world promoted by the United States. Less than a month after his departure from the White House, Donald Trump He put the entire American diplomatic machinery back at the service of his great ally in the Middle East and sent his son-in-law and advisor Jared Kushner to lead the first direct flight between Tel Aviv and Rabat. He was accompanied by the envoy for the Middle East, Avi Berkowitz, y Adam Boehler, executive head of the International Development Finance Corporation.

“History is being written before our eyes,” declared the Israeli National Security Advisor, Meir Ben Shabbat, before boarding the flight in a ceremony reminiscent of the one organized before the take-off of the first direct plane to Abu Dhabi in August. With the new coronavirus restrictions coming into effect, the visit ended late at night, but Kushner and Ben Shabbat maintained before flying back. an encounter with King Mohamed VI.

Less than two weeks after the announcement of the normalization of relations agreement, the plane of the Israeli company El Al landed in Rabat. Morocco is the fourth country to normalize relations with Israel in recent months after the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan and, like all of them, it will receive significant compensation from Washington. In this case, however, the Alawite kingdom will not enter into the so-called Abraham Accords because it argues that it does not start from scratch and that in its case it is about resuming relationships that have remained frozen in recent years.

Important compensations

Benjamin Netanyahu, harassed domestically by corruption scandals and the government crisis that led the country to new elections in March, said that “they are going to see that this peace between Jews and Arabs outside of Israel is creating a new dynamic, positive, between Jews and Arabs within Israel. For now, however, the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) considers the standardization agreements as a ‘betrayal’ to the Palestinian cause and asks the rest of the Arab countries not to follow the path opened by the UAE.

In addition to the recognition of sovereignty over Western Sahara, a former colony of Spain, the agreement between Morocco and Israel proposes the opening of a US consulate in El Aaiun and a million-dollar US investment program. The Reuters agency also revealed that Trump would have given the green light to the sale of next-generation drones to the Moroccan army. It is anyone’s guess whether within a month, with the arrival of Joe Biden, the new administration will maintain all the commitments and advantages offered to these countries in exchange for normalizing their relationship with the Jewish State.

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