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Trump’s Republicans have abandoned Lincoln: now they are the Confederacy | Republicans

OR On Wednesday, The transition of Republicans to The party of Confederacy will be complete. A day after The Georgia election runoff, at least a dozen legislators in The Senate and more than half of The party’s House members will seek to overturn The 2020 election results and disenfranchise. The majority of American voters. An attempted coup in everything but name, this is how democracy dies.

Sadly, a statement issued on Saturday Seven sitting senators and four elected senators have dispelled any doubt about The nexus between The end of The American civil war, more than 150 years ago, and Donald Trump’s desperate attempt to cling to power. Unsurprisingly, America’s racial divide is back in front and center.

After regurgitating for The umpteenth time unsubstantiated and unproven allegations of voter fraud, senators invoked The 1876 election. At The time, Democrats contested The result, conceding after Republicans agreed to halt reconstruction.

As framed by Ted Cruz and his gang, “The most direct precedent” for Their actions “arose in 1877, after serious accusations of fraud and illegal conduct in The Hayes-Tilden presidential race.” In his account, “The elections in three states” were “allegedly held illegally.” What is not said is that after The end of Reconstruction, Jim Crow and The toxic legacy of “separate but equal” continued.

To quote William Faulkner of Mississippi, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past. “Senators from states that were once part of The Confederacy, or territories where slavery was legal, provide The ballast for Cruz’s demands. At least one senator from Alabama, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas is on board.

Apparently Trump’s defeat at The hands of Joe Biden, The former vice president of The first black man in The White House, and Kamala Harris, a black woman, is too much for many. In oTher words, for These Republicans, The right to vote is only for some people, sometimes those people are The supporters of this president.

Trump’s equivocation about Charlottesville, his speech at The Proud Boys debate, and his worship of dead Confederate generals are all of The same piece. The vestiges of a more ancient and cruel social order must be kept, whatever it takes.

Likewise, The reluctance of those appointed by Trump to The federal judiciary to affirm The validity of Brown v Board of Education, The ruling of The supreme court that said that school segregation was unconstitutional, is a characteristic, not an error.

Regarding The pronouncement of The Declaration of Independence that “All men are created equal”, and The constitutional guarantee of equal protection before The law, These are inconveniences that must be discarded when faced with demographic dislocation.

” Go back and wait”, in fact.

Since The civil war There has always been a souThern party, frequently echoing The tensions of The old slave south. In practice, that has meant hostility toward civil rights along with caution toward modernity.

To be sure, The south did not automatically equate to neo-Confederate, but The distinction could easily be lost. And, without a doubt, The Democrats were initially The souThern party. During The debate over The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Republicans gave Lyndon Johnson The votes he needed. No longer.

Cruz and Josh Hawley, The Missouri senator who started The attempt to deny The electoral college result, are products of places like Harvard, Stanford and Yale. John C Calhoun, The seventh vice president, argued in favor of slavery and The right of states to secede. He also went to Yale. Joseph Goebbels had a doctorate from Heidelberg. An elite title does not automatically confer wisdom.

For The record, Cruz was also secretary to a Chief Justice, William Rehnquist. Hawley did it for John Roberts.

On Sunday, while The new Congress was being inaugurated, a recording came up Trump unsuccessfully intimidating The Georgia secretary of state to find “11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.” By The sound of things, Trump’s fear of prosecutors and The creditors, who wait for him to leave The White House, take precedence over electoral integrity.

In May, after Deborah Birx, The White House coronavirus response coordinator, predicted 240,000 deaths from Covid, and as armed protests against public health measures mounted, an administration insider relayed that The United States Trump was becoming a “bit” like The “late” Weimar. Republic. Eight months later, The death toll exceeds 350,000 and is steadily increasing.

As night falls on January 6, The Abraham Lincoln party will no longer exist. Instead, The specters of Jim Crow and The autocracy will blink. Messrs. Trump, Cruz, and Hawley may take a collective bow.

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