Sunday, November 29

Trump’s “Risky Political Gamble” to Flip Election Results (And What Chances He Has of Getting It)

  • Anthony Zurcher
  • BBC correspondent in Washington DC

Almost two weeks after Joe Biden was the projected winner of the United States election, Donald Trump continues to refuse to concede victory. Does the president have a plan to reverse the result?

The president’s legal strategy to challenge the election result appears to be falling on deaf ears in the courts. After filing dozens of lawsuits, Trump’s team has yet to score a significant victory, or present evidence of widespread fraud.

His top attorney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, said Thursday that the campaign he was going to withdraw his Actions legal in Michigan, a state that Biden won by more than 160,000 votes.

In Georgia, the Republican secretary of state announced that he will certify the election result, which gave Biden an advantage of just over 12,000 votes after the state carried out a manual recount of nearly 5 million votes.

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