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Truss defends tax cuts and says he will deliver on Brexit promises


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The “disruptions” caused by the government’s fiscal policy “will be worth it.” This is what the British Prime Minister believes, Liz Truss, who this Wednesday pronounced a speech before the ‘tories’ that have congregated since Sunday in the English town of Birmingham.

After a triumphant entrance on stage to applause and to the rhythm of the song ‘Moving On Up’ by the English band M People, whose chorus sings “moving up, nothing can stop me”, a declaration of intent, the Prime Minister declared that «I am not interested in just talking about things, but do things». “I’m not going to tell you what to do or what to think or how to live your life,” said Truss, immediately after getting fully into the economic field saying that “we have great talent in our country” that “we are not taking advantage of enough” . “I want to live in a country where hard work is rewarded,” he said, but for that “we need Britain to move.”

Suddenly, the speech was interrupted by activists who unfurled a yellow banner signed by Greenpeace, with the message: «Who voted for this?». Truss kept her composure until they were ejected from the compound and continued, first by making a joke about it, then back to the taxes.

The ‘premier’ defends itself

A day before serving his first month in Downing Street, marked by the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the announcement of a tax reduction package that caused a precipitous drop in the pound sterling against the dollar and the panic in the markets, the prime minister defended her fiscal plan, which she had to soften days later due to the chaos generated: “Reducing taxes is the right thing to do from a moral and economic point of view,” she asserted. He later acknowledged, regarding the decision to backtrack on his plans to abolish the top income tax rate of 45 to 40 percent, that the controversial move had become a “distraction from the main parts of our plan.” of growth”.

The prime minister outlined her program on climate change, immigration, the national health service or the Russian invasion in Ukraine

Later, during what was a long speech in which she tried to be closer than on other occasions, telling funny anecdotes or talking about her daughters, the prime minister unraveled one by one her promises, commitments and reflections in relation not only to the economy, but also to climate change, immigration, the national health service or the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Truss assured that during her mandate she will fulfill “with the promises of Brexit.”

Truss also promised that he will confront “the separatists” who want to break up the “family” that is the United Kingdom, in clear reference to Nicola Sturgeon, chief minister of Scotland and leader of Scottish nationalists, who has promised a new independence referendum. in October of next year.

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