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Truyols: «The icing on the cake would be to enter the playoffs»

Joan Truyols celebrates his goal against SD Logroñés in the first leg at the Nuevo Vivero. / ARNELAS JV

“The fans want and want to see Badajoz in the Second Division”, points out the central defender from Manacor, who once again appears as the reliable alternative in the center of the defense due to the loss of Gorka Pérez


Joan Truyols regains the leading role that has been missing throughout the season. With hardly any opportunities, the Balearic center-back emerges as the reliable alternative when the moment of truth arrives. The topic that coaches throw around that all footballers are important becomes especially relevant in the decisive stretch when the second unit has to take a step forward so that the team does not suffer. Once again, Badajoz has to recompose its eleven in Logroño due to the casualties of Gorka Pérez and Isi Gómez, sanctioned for having to complete the card cycle, in addition to Aitor Pascual, who saw a direct red card on the bench. As against DUX and before with Cultural and Racing de Ferrol, Truyols is ready to get ready for another battle. “I don’t know if I will have to play, it is a decision that the coach has to make and I have to be prepared for what he needs,” he points out.

At this point, absences can mark the future of a championship if you do not have a good wardrobe. This is the case of Badajoz. Joan Guillem Truyols Mascaró (Manacor, 1989) arrived endorsed by an almost century-old career of matches in the Second Division in Mallorca, Villarreal and Murcia and international experience with the Spanish U-20 team and in the Europa League with AEK Larnaca. «The truth is that I expected to play more, but it was difficult for me to adapt. He came from a different league and had never played in Second B. He didn’t have the best relationship with Óscar (Cano) either, everything affected it.” He made his debut with Badajoz at Riazor on matchday four. «I would like to play more minutes, but this has not been the case. It is difficult to enter because if the results are given it is difficult to make changes », he assumes. His first game as a starter was precisely against SD Logroñés at the Nuevo Vivero and he scored his only goal so far as a black and white, although he also ended up being sent off with a direct red card before the break. «It was in a strategic move that Elías (Martí) prepared for me. He fit me perfectly and was very nice. I also scored in the animation area and was delighted. Hopefully he plays on Sunday and he can try to score strategy again », he points out.

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Two weeks ago he already had to replace Pardo in the defense axis against DUX as he did days before due to the absences of Miguel Núñez in León and Gorka Pérez against Racing de Ferrol. “These are difficult games to play, but I have been in this for many years and there is no other option than the opportunities that the coach tells me to try to do my best,” he maintains.

Truyols recognizes that the game against SD Logroñés is vital for Badajoz’s aspirations. “We have to win to get to the top, but it’s not easy in this category,” he stresses. The defender from Manaco admits that the black and white dressing room is thinking about the playoff and believes it is possible. «We have always believed, but the results did not accompany. I liked how we played, but now we’re lucky that the results are happening.” The ascent phase begins to be a reality. “As a team we should be there because we have a great team with very good players. But the results, sanctions, injuries, the institutional… everything affects ». Despite what they have suffered, Badajoz is in a position to finish the season in the best possible way. “The icing on the cake would be to enter the playoffs,” he remarks. And from there keep dreaming. «The fans want and want to see Badajoz in the Second Division».

For that he took on the challenge of signing for the black and white club. He was the last to arrive last August at the deadline for the transfer market and with the club in a state of ‘shock’ due to Joaquín Parra’s imprisonment. But far from being scared given the circumstances, he opted for Badajoz. Joan Truyols had spoken with Dani Aquino and Tete, with whom he had met at AEK Larnaca and after gathering first-hand information about the club and the city, he did not think twice.

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«I came to go up to Second»

After five seasons on the other side of the Mediterranean, he wanted to return to Spanish football and the opportunity arose to do so in a leading team with promotion aspirations. «I was going to stay in Cyprus and my representative told me that this possibility had come up at the last minute. I spoke with Aquino and he told me about the project he had ». The Balearic central attaches great importance to the quality of life when choosing his new destination and the aspirations of the project and pulled direct contacts from him. He had shared a dressing room with the Murcian striker for six months at AEK Larnaca and four years with Badajoz, in addition to another previous one at Murcia. “I am moved a lot by how people live in places because it is important to me that the family is well. I asked Tete about the city and how Aquino was already living for sports. He told me everything that had happened and in the end I didn’t think about it anymore », he recalls. With the Nuevo Vivero still shaken by the arrest of Joaquín Parra and an uncertain future looming over the entity, he bravely accepted it. “People were talking about the fact that the president was in jail and about the problems with the payments. But I wanted to come to Spain and help get Badajoz up to the Second Division », he says.

Joan Truyols highlights the difficulties experienced during an entire season marked by shocks. «There was a moment when we did not see a way out. We didn’t know anything inside. Something was wrong between those who had to enter and the owners because it was not normal. It looked like a movie. It was chaos.” The center-back states that now the team has a little more stability. “Now we are calmer and hopefully it will be completely resolved.” And he values ​​the high level given by the team in these circumstances. «The season is being good in spite of everything. Because everything affects.

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