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TSN Archives: Dan Daniel introduces Yankees rookie Joe DiMaggio to America

Long before Joe DiMaggio earned the nickname Joltin ‘Joe, he was just a kid from San Francisco who wanted to play shortstop. Dan Daniel – himself a member of the Hall of Fame who built his reputation, in part, with his unforgettable reporting on Yankees legend Babe Ruth – was there for DiMaggio’s first spring training with the Yankees.

It’s safe to say that Daniel was impressed by comparing the 21-year-old rookie to legendary hitter Joe Jackson in a column that introduced the budding star to the American public. Unfortunately, the nickname “Joe DiMaggio without shoes” never stuck. Fortunately, TSN used an image of DiMaggio showing off his biceps as art. Outstanding.

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Original publication date: March 26, 1936

(TSN files)

Daniel, evaluating Joe DiMaggio at camp, calls him a throwback to Joe Jackson

By Daniel M. Daniel

Joseph Paul DiMaggio, Jr., does not face an easy task with the Yankees. Hailed as the best minor league star of 1935, flattered by the announcement that had he not been sold to New York, the Red Sox would have paid $ 60,000 for him, given the fact that Yankees fans consider him As the Moses who must lead his club out of the second-place desert, where he has wandered for three years, he is more in the spotlight than any other major league pick. Indeed, Giuseppe, as Bill Duncan pointed out in his comparison of highly touted phenomena off the coast, in a recent issue of THE SPORTING NEWS, is decidedly on the spot, but from early indications, it looks like he will be on par with his boosters. . ‘predictions.

DiMaggio certainly caused a furor in his first two games with the Yankees, against the Cardinals. Sam Breadon Y Frankie Frisch went into ecstasy for Giuseppe, and also John O. Seys of the Cubs. In his pair of games with the Redbirds, DiMaggio had six hits for .666, with a tremendous triple each. At Bradenton, the three-packer went to the 420-foot mark at the right-center field fence. Joe followed up on this performance by getting four hits in a game against the Reds on March 20, giving him a total of ten hits in 16 at-bats, for an impressive .625 mark in three games. During that period he faces three right-handers and three left-handers, getting five hits against each throwing style, and his units went to all fields.

In his next appearance against the Braves, Joe had two hits in four at-bats, for a total of 12 hits from 20 trips to the plate. He then spent ten days on the shelf, with a burn on his left foot, which he suffered when diatherm treatment was applied to an injury received in a match.

The Yankees bought DiMaggio at the minor league meeting in Columbus in November 1934. Joe had injured his knee while getting out of a taxi the previous summer, and this left his future in doubt. The New York club bought an option to take DiMaggio for $ 25,000 in cash and five players. DiMaggio stayed with the Seals. Last summer, the deal was closed, much to the chagrin of the failure of San Francisco, which had the offer from Eddie Collins earlier.

DiMaggio was born in Martinez, Cal., On November 25, 1914, making him just over 21 years old. He weighs 190 pounds and is half an inch over six feet tall. Hit to the right and throw to the right.

Joe is one of nine children. He has four sisters and as many brothers. DominicThe 19-year-old plays bushball in San Francisco and Joe says he’s a corner. Vincent is a gardener with San Diego Padres of the League of the Pacific Coast. Vince is Joe’s oldest and was with the Seals when Joe broke in.

When Joe was just one year old, the family moved from Martinez to San Francisco. Joe’s father was a fisherman. Now 67, he’s retired and a close student of baseball that he didn’t know about until a couple of years ago, when he became a huge fan.

Joe started playing ball when he was ten years old. He was shortstop then. In fact, DiMaggio didn’t become a gardener until 1933.

At age 14, Joe lost interest in baseball. He took up tennis in a big way, playing basketball and “touch” soccer. When his brother Vince hooked up with the Seals and managed, Joe started to think things over and returned to baseball intensely. He joined the San Francisco Boys Club, then played for the Mission Red A’s, all short.

With his brother in the Seals, Joe began roaming the knots of San Francisco park. However, it had piqued the interest of Scout Spike Hennessey, who dragged Joe into the Seals’ office, where Charley graham He told him there was no need for him to peek through the knots and handed him a bunch of passes.

Graham asked Joe to work out for a few weeks with the Seals. Near the end of the season Augie Galan got permission to go to Honolulu, so Joe played for Augie in three games. That was in 1932. Joe had two hits in nine attempts and remembers that his first safety was Ted pillette, it was a triple.

In 1933, the Seals asked Joe to attend their school. So Joe signed up and went to camp. He was given the opportunity to play short, but it turned out to be a failure. Around that time, a young man named Stewart he had become something of a sensation in right field when he suddenly stopped hitting. One day Manager Caveney sent DiMaggio to bat for Stewart. Joe has a base. The next day Caveney sent Joe to the right.

Young DiMaggio was amazed. His own brother, Vince, and Prince oana they were both on the bench. But Joe got the call for the couple. And it remained in the gardens thereafter.

In his second season with the Seals, DiMaggio set a Coast record by hitting in 61 consecutive games. Buck Newsom, who was Joe’s toughest pitcher, nearly stopped that streak right in the middle. Young Ed walsh was the pitcher that finally stopped DiMaggio.

In 1935, DiMaggio and Oscar eckhardtNow with the Dodgers, he had a great battle for the Costa batting title. Ox won with .399. Joe hit .398. In the first half, DiMaggio hit just .320. He hit over .500 in the second half.

Joe reminds one of Joe jackson at the plate, standing with one foot back, feet 30 centimeters apart. He swings a 40-ounce, 36-inch-long bat, one of the largest bats used by any major league player, even heavier than his teammate’s. Lou gehrig, whose club weighs 39 ounces. Al simmons, who was induced by Mickey cochrane To lighten your bat to 33 ounces, use a 37-inch length. The average club weighs 36 ounces and is 35 inches long. Joe meets the ball in the last possible fraction of a second. Most of his punches are thrown. He has a remarkable arm, as evidenced by his 36 assists last season. That total was achieved despite the fact that during the last month of the campaign he was disabled by a cold in his arm. His pitching and fielding has lived up to expectations in show work this spring.

Among his feats of 1935 was a drive over the 420-foot left-field fence in San Francisco, the longest in Coast league records. He scored 171 runs and drove in 151. Joe had 34 home runs and was voted the most valuable player in the league.

Joe likes movies, but he doesn’t like books very much. He also likes spaghetti, although his new teammate, Tony lazzeri, does not care much about Italy’s favorite dish. Although DiMaggio considers Joe Cronin, another Californian, like his baseball hero, attributes Frank O’Doul, his manager in San Francisco last year, giving him his biggest help in the game.

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