Thursday, December 8

Tua Tagovailoa’s preventable injuries; NFL can ensure no repeats

“Would you put your son back in the game?” –Rex Ryan

It was such a simple question Ryan asked Sunday morning, yet it highlighted just how derelict everyone was who failed Tua Tagovailoa this last week. Not only in medical judgment, but basic human decency.

Would the folks who let Tua Tagovailoa go back in last weekend despite obvious signs of head trauma have done so if it had been their son? Would those who cleared him to play Thursday night, only four days later, been OK with their own son doing so?

Would Miami Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel have so cavalierly referred to a second head injury, the effects of which might not fully be known for years, as “(nothing) more serious than a concussion” if it had been suffered by his son?

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And the most important question of all, can anyone trust the NFL to fix its head trauma protocols so this doesn’t happen again, this time to somebody else’s son?

“Forget this back and ankle BS we heard about. This is clearly from head trauma. That’s it. to shock. I know what it looks like. We all know what it looks like,” Ryan, the former Buffalo Bills and New York Jets coach, said on ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdownhis outrage growing as he spoke.

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