Tuesday, March 21

Turning a blind eye to missing Indigenous women

On today’s episode of the 5 Things podcast:

About one million people make up the population of Montana, of that about 6.7% are Indigenous people. But despite the small population, Indigenous people make up about 26% of the missing person cases in the state; the majority of those numbers being overwhelmingly female. And it’s not unique to Montana. Other states with Indigenous populations report high instances as well.

According to a Department of Justice report on missing and murdered Indigenous women in Montana, a 2018 investigation by the Associated Press stated  “…nobody knows precisely how cases of missing and murdered Native American women happen nationwide because many cases go unreported, others aren’t well-documented and no government database specifically tracks them.”

Why is this? And why don’t we hear more about these cases? Do these cases get fair treatment by local and federal law enforcement agencies?


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