Friday, December 9

Turnout in Italy’s general election falls to 51 percent at 7:00 p.m.

The leaders of the right have even taken advantage of election day to try to win the vote of the undecided. Giorgia Meloni, president of Brothers of Italy, leader of the coalition, said in a tweet: “Today you can contribute to write the story». He also posted a photo of her with the Italian flag and this phrase: “Let’s write history together.”

Meloni thus broke the obligatory electoral silence, because on the eve of the vote and while they are the polls openstatements that could influence the vote are not allowed.

For his part, Matteo Salvini broke the electoral silence on Saturday and Sunday. After having voted in his electoral college in Milan, he sent this message: «It will be complicated months, there is an emergency in bills, expensive life and heating. We have been working for weeks with the technicians of the League to be prepared and reactive in Italy and in the EU. For the League, this is the first big battle to face and win. Starting tomorrow, I can’t wait to govern this extraordinary country again with a cohesive, compact, coherent and center-right team.

Salvini’s wishes remain to be seen, judging by the statements made by his coalition partner, Silvio Berlusconi, president of Forza Italia, showing that the climate in the right-wing coalition is not as compact as Meloni and Salvini would like. . Berlusconi made it clear that he intends to be the guarantor of the center-right coalition: “I am in the political field to make a decisive contribution, along with Forza Italia, and be the director of the next government. Speaking to members of his party in a bar after he had voted, Il Cavaliere added: ‘Leaders must emerge by themselves. In general, there is a shortage of leaders in the world. But he went further, and, while he ate sitting at the bar with members of his party, he stated: «I want more votes from the League. Matteo is a good person, but he has never worked. He needs to be a bit framed ».

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The results remain to be known, although participation data is already known. At 7:00 p.m. I had voted 51 percent of Italianseight points below the previous elections at the same time.

Expectation over Meloni

Meloni (Rome, 45 years old) monopolized for himself all the expectation of the day, since it is seen as the great novelty of this electoral campaign. Actually, Meloni has already three decades in politics, because at the age of 15 he began his activity in the youth organization of the Italian Social Movement, a party of neo-fascist inspiration. Proof of the expectation that her figure arouses is that the leader of the Brothers of Italy had to vote after ten at night, instead of at eleven, as she had planned. Because of the crowd of photographers and journalists outside her polling station, Meloni decided to postpone her vote to avoid inconvenience to voters in her own constituency.

The center-right leader has filled the seats at her rallies and has surely run the most effective campaign of all political leaders. In fact, many vote for her for his charisma, as shown by a very recent study by the Bocconi University of Milan, which analyzed the motivations of voters: 81 percent vote for Brothers of Italy exclusively for Meloni; another 16.4 percent do it to get on the winner’s bandwagon, an effect that is usually found in any electoral campaign; Only 2.6 percent of Meloni’s consensus comes from the so-called “structural vote,” that is, the militants’ vote, based on ideology or territorial roots.

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