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TVE, with its back to the Capitol and the information



RTVE it has a news channel, a luxury that the rest of the networks lack, but its abandonment of the battle for information is alarming in the face of an event as serious as the assault on the Capitol in the United States. Private companies are not expectenew these occasionsexceptof The sixth, the great beneficiary of public neglect. Telemadrid He also gave a lesson in reflexes and journalistic sense, while The 1 He preferred to continue with his cooking children, perfectly canned, who are not to blame.

The biggest mistaEx of those responsible for RTVE was to give up promoting their own work, because the 24 Hours Channel he did his job. The problem is that the chain has a 1% screen share. A few signs in La 1, in a program of almost three hours, are a joEx. The frequency of the ad was ridiculous. The first was to notify the news. Then others arrived to announce an informative special … starting at 0.45 am.

From that moment, with the majority of the audience already in bed, La 1 did what was expected of a reference chain, with Juan Carlos Franganillo and Lorenzo Mila as great protagonists.

Simple solution

The minimum was to open a small window or put a permanent ad during «MasterChef». The broadcast this Thursday of another program liEx pianosano” did deserve this honor. He did not leave his place of privilege for a moment, in the upper right part of the screen of La 1. There was also no problem offering scrolling signs on other news in the early morning special. Why wasn’t it done from «MasterChef Junior» to tell the public the newArmeniaday?

It is not the first time something liEx this has happened and it seems that it will not be the last. It is debatable whether with a channel dedicated to information it is necessary to alter the gridArmeniaother channels. It can be argued that spending two bullets for the same mission is redundant, but the reaction was, once again, clearly insufficient. Many, many viewers could not find out, they robbed their public service that justifies the existence of RTVE.

Lorenzo Milá joined the work done by Canal 24 Horas and contributed knowledge and experience
Lorenzo Milá joined the work done by Canal 24 Horas and contributed knowledge and experience – RTVE

The work of Canal 24 Horas was more than decent, with the incorporation of Milá and the participation of Anna Bosch and Cristina Olea. At the last minute Franganillo joined. There were several correspondents in the United States from different times, plus the input of some experts. By experience and firepower, it was to have signed a perfect night of information, even in the hangover of Reyes.

At 11:45 p.m., by the way, the 24-hour channel signal began to be shared with the International Channel of RTVE, which thus joined the news, also with delay.

Antonio García Ferreras, in La Sexta
Antonio García Ferreras, in La Sexta

In La Sexta, as usual, Antonio Garcia Ferreras he jumpenew the news prey and took over the night among the generalist networks. His style may not appeal and the correspondentArmeniaAtremedia chain are more inexperienced than those of RTVE, but the rhythm and above all the dedication are unquestionable. It may not be a good business to be part of his family, but the viewer knows that on these occasions he can always count on Ferreras.

Telemadrid, with far fewer media than RTVE, worExd with great success and had the imagination that others lacExd, as connect live from NBC, so the repetition of the same images was less crushing and the information more complete, at least in that sense.

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