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Twelve ninots on green glass recycling containers will honor the Bonfires from June 17 to 27

Twelve ninots located in as many green glass recycling bins, distributed in strategic points of the city, They will honor the Bonfires from June 17 to 27. The selection of these ninots will be made through a contest aimed at artists builders. Those who wish to participate must submit their projects, endowed with 2,000 euros each, until May 20. The chosen theme is the sustainability, glass recycling and the environment. Four days later, the list of selected works will be made public. The contest rules can be consulted at The Alicante City Council has hosted the presentation of the initiative by the councilors for Festivities and the Environment, Manuel Jiménez and Manuel Villar, respectively; the territorial director of Ecological Transition, Carmen Catalá; the president of the Federació de Fogueres, Toñi Martín-Zarco; the senior teacher of the Artists Guild, Joaquín Rubio, and the manager of Ecovidrio, Roberto Fuentes.

The mayor of Fiestas has valued the initiative by ensuring that “it is intended to add a new action to empower artists Y help them cope with the difficult economic situation they are experiencing and, at the same time, impregnate Alicante with the festive spirit inherent to the days of Bonfires ”.

The territorial director of Ecological Transition, Carmen Catalá, has considered the contest as “a new occasion for raise awareness about glass recycling. In addition, with the intention of supporting the Guild through those pieces in the containers with Fiesta motifs that will help in this complicated stage ”.

The president of the Fiesta, Toñi Martín-Zarco, He assured that “we want to thank companies such as Ecovidrio for their collaboration with the Fiesta and that in a year as atypical as this one they continue to be by our side. This initiative will give visibility to the important work of our artists and will fill the city with art. All help for the collective of artists from bonfires it is very gratifying in the current situation “.

The Senior teacher, Joaquín Rubio, has expressed its gratitude to Ecovidrio and the Alicante City Council “for their support of this sector, so that it can show off part of our work. We regret that there is no Bonfires in June. I hope this This initiative serves to strengthen the foguerers and barraquers so that there will be them in September. The artists of the Guild and the Festival need it ”.

From Ecovidrio, Roberto Fuentes has specified that “despite the atypical scenario that we are experiencing due to the pandemic, Ecovidrio wants to show that the spirit of the Bonfires is still alive. Thus, we continue to support the Alicante’s most emblematic festival and one of the most popular in Spain. At the same time, we encourage citizens to continue recycling, in a responsible manner, glass containers in green containers ”.

The contest poster

Glass recycling in Alicante

The inhabitants of Alicante, according to data from Ecovidrio, recycled a total of 5,462,510 kilos of glass containers during 2020, which is above the national average. This supposes, according to the same sources, that each citizen recycled an average of 16.2 kilos. If all these containers are placed in single file, Fuentes said, they would add up to 2,600 times the length of the Esplanade.

Regarding the “containerization” rate, Alicante has an average of one container for every 253 inhabitants. There are 1,335 igloos for glass waste installed in the city.

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