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Twelve of every one hundred euros of investment in infrastructure in Bizkaia will go to bidegorris

The deputy of Infrastructures and Territorial Development, Imanol Pradales, shelled this Tuesday in the General Meetings of Bizkaia the budget that your department will drive next year. It will amount to 238.3 million euros – after deducting the 15.3 of personnel expenses -, of which 209.8 “will be used for public investment, which grows 31%”. And among the priorities set for 2021 is the “promotion of mobility by bicycle”. In fact, the bidegorris network will receive twelve out of every one hundred euros of the planned investment.

Specifically, this “transition towards a more sustainable mobility” will have 24.6 million euros, an amount, detailed Pradales to questions from opposition groups, which will be allocated in full to “execution and planning.” Throughout the next year, some tracks already announced, such as the high capacity ‘bicipista’, the first of its kind in the territory, which will link Amorebieta and Iurreta through a 7.5-kilometer route and will cost 9.4 million.

And with regard to new projects, the deputy specified that “we are investing in planning, because if we do not plan we cannot do the preliminary project, the project and tender the works.” At the moment, he advanced, “we are making planning in the environment of Basauri, Etxebarri and Galdakao».

This “giant step” in the bicycle network will be possible due to the increase in the department’s budget by 20.3%, more than 40 million euros. This is a “necessary” increase, said Pradales in response to the opposition, which questioned that the provincial entity “Be saddled with more debt with infrastructure that can be postponed.” “They are expansive accounts that seek to face a horse economic crisis that has made private investment disappear from the map,” argued Pradales.

Public administrations must act “in a countercyclical manner,” insisted the head of Infrastructures and Territorial Development, assuming “that investor role” as claimed by “the set of international organizations.” Further, he explained, “investing is generating employment, and next year, thanks to this investment, almost 1,500 jobs will be consolidated or created, reason of sufficient weight to understand that this department has to increase its weight ».

Rontegi environment

Another of the outstanding projects, “by amount and relevance”, will be the connection of the Metropolitan South Bypass with the AP-68. “2021 is the year of the Supersur in budgetary terms,” ​​said Pradales, who pointed out that next year will be the one that will spend the most money on this multi-year work – in this case, 77.3 million euros – with the aim that it can be operational by the beginning of 2023 ».

The Provincial Council will also continue to operate in one of the main communication nodes in the territory: the area around the Rontegi bridge. 8.2 million will be reserved both to continue with the second phase of the Kukularra project, already underway, and for a second operation in Plaiabarri, which “will start in January.” It will create, Pradales specified, “an additional lane that will lighten traffic” that goes “from the Txorierri to the Left Bank.” And 4.9 million will also be invested in access to the new Abanto technology park.

Through Interbiak, in addition, 4 million are contemplated for the drafting of the construction project of the tunnel under the estuary and another 4.4 for the digitization of toll roads.

Main chapters

Land use planning and urban planning.

1.2 million euros for city councils to develop their general plans, to approve the Partial Territorial Plan for Metropolitan Bilbao and to maintain geographic, cartographic and photographic systems.

Management of the road network.

91.5 million, of which 53.9 go to road maintenance, 24.6 to bidegorris …

Infrastructure development.

16.3 million, with works at the Rontegi node (8.2), the Abanto technology park (4.9) …

Innovation, exploitation and expropriations.

114.4 million, of which 77.3 go to Supersur; 4 to the construction project of the tunnel under the estuary; 7.5 for subsidies to toll users …

Non-road infrastructures.

7.3 million euros, with 5 to complete the deployment of broadband in Bizkaia and 2.1 for infrastructures such as Industrialdeak or Elkartegiak.

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