Tuesday, April 9

Twelve Republican senators ask Joe Biden to investigate the mysterious plane stranded in Argentina

A group of 12 Republican senators have demanded that the US president, Joe Biden, to conduct an exhaustive investigation into the plane that has been stranded for almost two months at the Ezeiza international airport in the city of Buenos Aires. This week, the legislators have sent a letter to the Department of Justice with the firm objective of requesting that a response be given “promptly” to the request for information by Argentina.

After demanding that the US president explain the reasons for the delay in his response to the Argentine justice system, in the document sent by the Republican legislators, they request that the cooperation of the North American country be accelerated with the investigation that is being carried out carried out on the controversial plane belonging to the Venezuelan company Emtrasur and that he continues to be stranded at the Ezeiza airport.


In the same letter, senators opposed to the government of Joe Biden accuse him of “inaction” and go even further, referring to the US negotiations to launch the Nuclear Pact with Iran. This document has been promoted by the senator from Iowa, joni ernstand is addressed to the President’s Attorney General, Merrick Garland.

In its lines, the harshness of the accusations against the president is noted: “The laws of the United States and compliance with those laws, in particular the laws on sanctions, is not optional.” The senators then refer to the fact that “the unusual delay and lack of response from the Department of Justice suggest a prioritization of other parts of this administration’s agenda, such as negotiations on a new Iranian nuclear agreement.”

Legislators then opine that “this is unacceptable, as justice cannot be administered at the expense of political whims or sensitivities.” And they conclude: “Our laws must be administered equally and applied at all times.”

about the plane

In the letter, which has been addressed to the government of Joe Biden this week, the Republican legislators make clear reference to the strange episode of the plane from the Emtrasur firm, which arrived at the airport in the city of Buenos Aires on June 6, after having unsuccessfully tried to land on Uruguayan lands since their entry was prohibited. There, they also assure that there are links between this company and the Qeshm Fairs Air company, which received sanctions by the Treasury Department.

The letter realizes that “it is well documented” that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard uses that plane with the aim of transporting weapons. It also says that the Argentine justice system was able to find “intelligence technology and military material” inside.

Senators who have signed this document directed at the Biden administration are Joni Ernst, Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), Pat Toomey (Pennsylvania), Marco Rubio (Florida), Ted Cruz (Texas), Bill Cassidy (Louisiana), James Lankford (Oklahoma), Tom Cotton (Arkansas), Kevin Cramer (North Dakota), Rick Scott (Florida) and Bill Hagerty (Tennessee).


It should be remembered that the scandal of the mysterious plane has had Latin American authorities on edge for several weeks. The aircraft, which was carrying five Iranians and 14 Venezuelans, landed in Buenos Aires last month and has been held since then at the Ezeiza airport.

Last week, both Iran -through its Foreign Ministry- and Venezuela -through a lawyer- requested that the plane that has been in Buenos Aires for almost two months be allowed to leave Argentina. However, at the moment this request has not been granted.

In fact, in a statement the Iranian Foreign Minister, Hossein Amir Abdollahian it expressed “the deep concern of the Iranian government and the families of the Iranian crew over the withholding of their travel documents and the restriction on leaving the country, which constitutes a violation of human rights.”

Weeks ago, the president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, assured in statements to the press that the plane had clear links with terrorist organizations. The plane’s controversy also involves other countries such as Chile and Mexico. This week a new chapter has been added to the mysterious story that is now joined by none other than the USA.


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