Tuesday, January 26

Twelve senators will refuse to accept Biden’s victory in the US elections.

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At least a dozen Republican Senators will oppose on Wednesday to validate the victory of the democrat Joe Biden in the November presidential election, and will propose an audit of the multi-state tally the president has lost, lasting about ten days. This is the last chance that Donald Trump has to challenge the result of those elections, because once the results are certified by both chambers of the CapitolNothing will prevent the replacement in the presidency, which will be consummated this January 20, as mandated by the Constitution.

Thee legislature should immediately appoint an electoral commission, with full scrutiny and investigative authority, to conduct a 10-day emergency audit of the election results in the disputed states,” the senators wrote in a joint statement. “Upon completion of the audit, individual states would evaluate the Commission’s findings and could convene a special legislative session to certify a change in their vote, if necessary,” they addeFor

The “disputed states” mentioned by their Lordships in the letter are those that voted for Trump in 2016 and Biden in 2020: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia. In all of them Trump has denounced fraud, without a single victory in the courts.

The first senator of the 100 in the chamber to announce that he will object to validating the results was Josh Hawley, from Missouri. This weekend he has joined Ted Cruz, from Texas, and a dozen other peers: Ron Johnson, de Wisconsin; James Lankford, from Oklahoma; Steve Daines, of Mountain; John Neely Kennedy, from Louisiana; Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty, de Tennessee; Mike Braun, from Indiana; Cynthia M. Lummis, de Wyoming; Roger Marshall, from Kansas, and Tommy Tuberville from Alabama.

This attempt is unlikely to prevent Biden’s proclamation as president on January 6. The 12 senators join some 140 deputies of the 435 that occupy seats in the House of Representatives, and that have also advanced that they will not accept the results sent by the aforementioned states. With the protest, what your Lordships will force is a debate of about two hours duration in eachchamber, andd then they will vote on whether to accept the results or not, something for which a simple majority will suffice.

Vote on Capitol Hill

Democrats are a majority in the House of Representatives, so there Biden has no problem. At Senate Democrats do not have enough votes, but there are several Republicans who have already advanced who are not going to lend themselves to this strategy. This same Sunday the Republican senator Lindsey Graham, from South Carolina, said: “Proposing a commission at this late date, which has zero chance of becoming a reality, is not really fighting for President Trump. It seems to be more of a political stunt than an effective strategy. Graham has been one of Trump’s biggest allies in the Senate during his tenure and has even played golf with him on weekends.

Several deputies have tried to get the vice president Mike PenceAs president of the Senate, he refused to accept the results, thus forcing Trump to be proclaimed the winner again, since the results would not be counted in the states where the fraud allegedly occurr See

Those Republican deputies even filed a lawsuit to force Pence’s hand, though it was recently dismissed by the judge. President Trump, for his part, remains firm in his allegations of fraud, and yesterday shared messages on the social network Twitter in which he hinted that the inauguration of the next president could be postponed to clarify these alleged allegations of fraud, which have been dismisseForfor all the courts they have reach See

See them

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