Sunday, December 5

Twin Towers: 20 years after the attacks, is the United States more or less divided?

  • Jon Sopel
  • North America Editor, BBC

The American flag with New York City in the background.

Image source, Getty Images


The American flag with the city of New York in the background 20 years after the terrorist attacks.

It’s almost cliché, hackneyed even. As soon as a major event occurs, people say they will never forget where they were when they found out what was happening.

But I suspect that almost everyone around the world in their 30s remembers where they were when they heard, and then saw in real time, the most audacious and terrifying terrorist attack unfolding in America.

In the last few days, I have been talking to people who not only remember where they were but how their lives changed.

We spoke to Max Giaconne, who was 10 years old (and only four days at his new school) when the teacher told him he had to go to the principal’s office. There was his mother crying. His father worked at the World Trade Center.

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