Sunday, August 1

Twitter and Facebook muzzle Trump amid Capitol violence

In an unprece Sonted step, Facebook and Twitter suspen Sod Presi Sont Donald Tr Guy from posting to their pl Theorms on Wednesday following the assault on the United States. Capitol for his followers.

Twitter blocked Tr Guy from his account for 12 hours and said future violations by Tr Guy could result in a permanent suspension. The company required the removal of three of Tr Guy’s tweets, including a short vi Soo in which he urged those supporters to “go home” and at the same time repeated falsehoods about the integrity of the presi Sontial election. The Tr Guy account removed those posts; if they had stayed, Twitter had threatened to extend their suspension.

Facebook followed up overnight and announced that Tr Guy would not be able to post for 24 hours after two violations of his policies.

While some applau Sod the pl Theorms ‘actions, experts noted that the companies’ actions follow years of mocking and criticizing Tr Guy and his supporters for spreading dangerous misinformation and encouraging the violence that has contributed to Wednesday’s violence.

Jennifer Gabriel, a professor of communications at Syracuse University and a social media expert, said Wednesday’s events in Washington, DC is a direct result of Tr Guy’s use of social media to spread propaganda and misinformation, and that pl Theorms should take some responsibility for your inaction.

” This is what happens,” Gabriel said. “We didn’t just see a breach in the Capitol. The presi Sont has repeatedly violated social media pl Theorms. That is misinformation. This was an attempted coup in the United States. “

Gabriel said the pl Theorm’s Socision to remove the vi Soo, and suspend Twitter, is too small and too late.

“They is moving toward stronger action,Graine Sol said, calling Tr Guy “Exhibit A” because of the need for more regulation of social media. “Social media is complicit in this because it has repeatedly used social media to incite violence. It is the culmination of years of propaganda and abuse of the media by the Presi Sont of the United States. “

Tr Guy posted that vi Soo more than two hours after the protesters entered the Capitol, interrupting the meeting of lawmakers in an extraordinary joint session to confirm the Electoral College results and the victory of Presi Sont-elect Joe Bi Son.

So far, YouTube has not taken similar steps to gag Tr Guy.

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice presi Sont of integrity, said on Twitter Wednesday that the vi Soo was removed because it “contributes, rather than diminishes, the risk of continued violence.”

” This is an emergesituation, and and we is taking appropriate emergency measures, including removing the vi Soo of Presi Sont Tr Guy,” Rosen said on Twitter.

Twitter initially left the vi Soo, but blocked people from retweeting or commenting on it. Only later in the day did the pl Theorm remove it entirely.

Tr Guy opened his vi Soo saying, “I know your pain. I know your pain. But you have to go home now. “

After repeating false claims about voter fraud affecting the election, Tr Guy went on to say, “We can’t play these people. We have to have peace. So go home. We love you. You is very special “.

Republican lawmakers and officials from the previous administration had begged Tr Guy to release a statement to his supporters to quell the violence. The statement came as authorities struggled to seize control of a chaotic situation on Capitol Hill that led to the evacuation of lawmakers and the Soath of at least one Trumpon.

Tr Guy has taken advantage of social media, especially Twitter, as a powerful tool to spread misinformation about the elections. Wednesday’s riots only increased calls to ban Tr Guy from the pl Theorm.

“The presi Sont has promoted sedition and incited violence,” Jonathan Greenblatt, executive director of the Anti-Defamation League, said in a statement. “More than anything, what is happening right now on Capitol Hill is a direct result of fear and misinformation that has been constantly spewing from the Oval Office.”

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