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Twitter blocks account of Mexican tycoon Ricardo Salinas Pliego for harassment

Salinas Pliego appears on the Forbes list as the third richest man in Mexico.

Photo: José Méndez / EFE

Twitter “partially blocked” the account of Mexican tycoon Ricardo Salinas Pliego for harassment, the third richest man in the country, as revealed on Wednesday by the businessman himself on his Instagram profile.

“Your account, @RicardoBSalinas, was blocked for breaking Twitter’s rules. Specifically for the following reasons: breaking the rules that prohibit abuse and harassment”, sets the message of the social network that the tycoon shared in a screenshot.

The businessman’s tweet, removed by Twitter, called for a “meme contest”” with derogatory terms against the political analyst Denise Dresser, former federal government official Simón Levy and commentator Nacho Rodríguez, close to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“There are people who seek to promote their ideas and silence the ideas of others, groups of people who get along and can’t stand it. They organized themselves and denounced my last publication as if it were selective harassment,” the tycoon said on his Instagram.

This is the latest controversy of Salinas Pliego, who appears on the Forbes list as the third richest man in Mexico with an estimated fortune of 12.52 billion dollars in 2021, only behind Carlos Slim, from América Móvil, and Germán Larrea, from Grupo México.

The founder of Grupo Salinas, which includes media companies such as TV Azteca and financial institutions such as Banco Azteca, has defended economic inequality as “a natural condition” and has rejected measures to stop the covid-19 pandemic.

Too has received questioned multimillion-dollar contracts from the Government of López Obrador, who last week “celebrated” his intention to buy the Mexican National Bank (Banamex) after the departure of the American Citigroup.

“I will be here, on my Facebook account, on Instagram and on TikTok reading them and talking with you while I solve the issue on Twitter,” he warned after blocking his account, which still shows the previous messages.

The businessman has used his Twitter account to directly mock his critics and defend controversial ideas, such as rejecting the restrictions due to covid-19 and that the National Electoral Institute (INE) “must die and disappear.”

“To those who are hurt by me telling them the truth and oppose everything that is not what they want… I’m not going to leave,” he said.

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