Monday, January 30

Twitter would be working on a way to generate collaborative tweets

Editing tweets is still impossible and it seems that it will never come because Twitter is focusing on creating features focused on collaborations.

Social networks form an important part of users’ lives and this means that many of them spend long periods of time on these platforms. seeing this happening the companies behind these social networks have begun to have a new perspective when it comes to focusing their strategy.

For some time now, social networks like Instagram or Twitter have become meeting points for users. The best example is the unrepeatable moments that occur within the platforms and that are promoted by characteristics such as, for example, the direct ones on Instagram or the spaces on Twitter.

Throughout these brief or not so brief periods of time, several moments take place. The first is that the followers become the public, but they are not just any spectators. They are people willing to give without any complex seconds, minutes or hours to their favorite creators.

These spectators obtain as a reward having witnessed a unique and unrepeatable moment. What happens is that this ends up generating a feeling of need in the people who follow these people and, is that, at any time there can be a direct that must be witnessed in order to be up to date.

Twitter has taken this thought more and more to the limit and in recent updates it has become even more palpable. The last thing that has been seen and that could reach the blue bird’s social network is a way of interacting when creating tweets. The change would make these elements collaborative.

Yes, they are working on a feature that would make tweet authoring collaborative. come on what two users added their originality within a comment with less than 280 characters. This new way of understanding tweets would be quite disconcerting on a general level.

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In the captures that have been published on Twitter by Alessandro Paluzzi it is seen that the interface would be adapted to this new way of understanding tweets. What this interface would allow is that users could add people when posting tweets and, logically, appear as authors of said posts.

There are not many more details about this feature from Twitter. At the moment what has been seen is that it would be something that they would be testing from the social network and, logically, there are many ballots that could prevent it from becoming a reality. The only thing that can be done is to wait and see if they end up integrating it.

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