Tuesday, May 24

Two arrested for killing a Murcia neighbor in Torrevieja with a shot to the head

Archive image of the Torrevieja Civil Guard barracks.  |  TONY SEVILLA

Archive image of the Torrevieja Civil Guard barracks. | TONY SEVILLA

The Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of the Region of Murcia has arrested two people for their connection with the crime of the young neighbor of Murcia who appeared this week dead from a shot to the head in a house in Torrevieja, sources close to the case report.

The suspects are a man and a woman. The first would be the alleged perpetrator of the shot that killed the 26-year-old girl and a native of a town in Almería, while the arrested would have collaborated with this individual and is also accused of covering up the crime, as detailed by the cited sources.

The young woman who was shot was talking on the phone with her girlfriend when, suddenly, communication was abruptly interrupted. Fearing that something had happened to her partner, it was the victim’s partner who sounded the alarm and notified Emergencies. Investigators from the Armed Institute mobilized to the home, broke down the door and found the girl’s mortal remains, in a pool of blood.

The victim was found with a single shot to the head on Tuesday night in a house in the Los Leandros urbanization, in the aforementioned Alicante town. The investigators of the Benemérita, who took up the case, considered from the beginning as a hypothesis a settling of accounts related to drug trafficking. The victim was allegedly linked to a criminal group dedicated to perpetrating ‘overturning’ (robberies) of drug caches to other organized gangs.

A few hours after the girl’s body was discovered, researchers from the Armed Institute a firearm was recovered from a container near the crime scene, whose subsequent analysis confirmed that it was the pistol used to shoot the victim.

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From the discovery of the body, which was sent to the Institute of Legal Medicine for an autopsy to be performed, the researchers set out to try to unravel a plot with ramifications in the Region and Alicante. They obtained solid evidence of the murder weapon and, just hours after the body was lifted, there were already two people under suspicion.

The two suspects were captured last Christmas Eve, in a house in the Region of Murcia, and, after two nights in the cells, this Saturday they were brought to justice. Sources close to the investigation pointed out that at least the man was sent to preventive detention.

The issue of ‘rollovers’ is sadly fashionable in the Levante. They are thieves who steal from drug traffickers, what is called in police slang a ‘turnaround’. This practice is typical of traffickers who want to take the material from another. And they take it away. So they have the drug for free, and they can get money if they put it up for sale. In addition, they are practically guaranteed that nothing will happen to them, since it is not usual for someone to contact the police to report that the drug has been stolen.


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