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Two companies from Alicante participate in the design of a strategic information model extracted from Open Data

AINIA, within the framework of the project OpenKnowledge, has designed new computing algorithms to identify, capture and extract valuable information from catalogs Open Data of the Valencian Community, Spain and the European Union. Two companies from Alicante participate in the initiative.

The objective is to provide a prototype of an information and knowledge management model, extracted from Open Data, that characterizes the essential and strategic aspects of the value chain of the agri-food industry and enables innovation to be boosted. This information collected from about 42,000 catalogs and so far inaccessible, will help increase the competitiveness of the agri-food sector in the Valencian Community.

“Digital platforms Open Data they will be the fundamental pillar on which the digital transformation of our country will be based ”, explained Sergio Albarracín, head of information systems and knowledge management at AINIA. However, “the biggest challenge is not centered on the opening of data by the public and private sector, but on the research and experimental development that leads to the approach of strategic information services that, supported by this singular data source, allows to improve the competitiveness of organizations ”, added Albarracín.

The project, which has the support of the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) and the FEDER funds, has determined a standardized semantic structure for the characterization of the agri-food industry aligned to the Open Data model. This structure will serve as a conceptual basis on which to base the information resources that are selected for their strategic value and deployed in the final prototype of the model.

They have also been implemented computing algorithms and query systems to analyze data catalogs Open Data existing in the regional, national and European framework, and those of strategic interest have been selected and characterized. In addition, a website has been designed for the storage, classification, indexing and visualization of the information obtained.

The project has also developed an information and knowledge management prototype, based on sources open data Y linked open data, for the identification of needs, challenges and opportunities in the agri-food sector of the Valencian Community.

Participation of five Valencian companies

In the project OpenKnowledge, coordinated by AINIA, five agri-food companies from the Valencian Community have participated: Caiba, Choví and Productos Velarte, based in the province of Valencia, and Jesús Navarro and Bernabé Biosca Alimentación, in the province of Alicante. These companies have provided information on the needs related to the digital transformation of manufacturing processes and study data, in addition to validating the results obtained.

Multisectoral character

Although the development of the project has focused on the particularities of the agri-food sector, all methodologies, models, algorithms and information systems can be extrapolated to any other value chain of the industry such as chemistry, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics.

AINIA is a technology center established in 1987 as a private non-profit association. With 30 years of experience, he works to boost the competitiveness of companies through innovation. It is one of the European technology centers with the largest corporate social base, with more than 700 associated companies and more than 1,500 clients. Its headquarters are in Valencia (Spain).

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