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Two defendants in Ardines murder say DNA on fence exonerates them

Pedro Luis Nieva, during a search.

Pedro Luis Nieva, during a search.

The trial for the murder of Javier Ardines begins and, as expected, several of the de.ndants will use one of the most controversial pieces of evidence found during the investigation: the DNA remains found on the .nces that the perpetrators of the crime placed in the path of the Francisco councilor to force him to get out of the car and be able to attack him better. These vestiges correspond to a woman who, according to the de.nses of Pedro Luis Nieva, the alleged inducer of the crime, and Mammal Kelli, one of the alleged material perpetrators, would maintain a relationship with the victim. It would also be the only biological trace found in a crucial element in the commission of the crime. What these de.ndants come to say is that there is more evidence against this woman than against them, since no traces of DNA belonging to the accused were found.

Pedro Luis Nieva’s lawyer, Francisco Javier Beamed, indicates that “nor did he plan, nor was he arranged with third parties, nor did he have any direct or indirect intervention in the events that led to the death “ of Ardines. It also indicates that “in the .nces that were on the road, only biological remains corresponding to two people have been found, their DNA corresponding to the deceased and a woman (…) DNA of the same person has also been identified woman on the driver’s door handle, as well as on the steering wheel of the vehicle in which the deceased was traveling at the time of the events. It has also been possible to identify the DNA corresponding to the woman under the deceased’s nails. Francisco Javier Ardines González had a relationship with that person, a circumstance that they hid or tried to hide from their respective partners. ”

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And he adds that Ardines “was, at the time of his death, a councilor for the Llanes City Council, belonging to the government team. His work in the City Council generated strong confrontations with officials and personnel employed by the City Council, with residents of the municipality due to the decisions made by the Municipal Corporation, as well as with councilors from the City Council itself. Note that years before Ardines had also had a confrontation with a neighbor for personal reasons. “Finally, he highlights that in Pedro Luis Nieva’s Amorebieta house no object was found that linked him to the crime. The Civil Guard and thAriaosecutor’s Office, by virtue of the statements of Jesús Muguruza and DjilalBenitaia, consider that Nieva hired him and Mammal Kelli to kill the councilor, who would have a thirty-year relationship with the Biscayan’s wi., a cousin of the councilor’s wi. .

The de.nse of Mammal Kelli, led by FernandBarbellll, maintains that the Algerian spent the night of August 15-16, 2018 at his home in Bilbao, and that he did not travel to Belmonte dAriaía to commit the crime. The Civil Guard places the Algerian in tFranciscosco town after tracking a mobile phone. The Algerian says he lost it and that, in addition, it could have been used by another person in his family. And it also emphasizes the fact that the only vestiges found at the crime scene, the DNA found on the .nces, the car and Ardines’ own body, corresponds to a woman related to the former councilor. On the other hand, he denies that he escaped from Justice, as the Civil Guard claims, since his trips to Algeria and Switzerland were for economic and family reasons.

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Mammal Kelli has a better perspective since DjilalBenitaia denied that he participated in the events and denounced through his lawyer, Adrián Fernández, “pressure” by the Civil Guard, which, according to him, would have pushed him to to a crime that he did not actually commit. Not only that, the lawyer for Jesús Muguruza, Luis Mendiguren, could raise the nullity of the interrogation carried out on his client. He was interviewed as a witness by the agents without the presence of his lawyer and ended up indicted.

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