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Two hard nougat from Alicante among the best to buy in supermarkets

The best hard nougat that you can buy in supermarkets.

The best hard nougat that you can buy in supermarkets.

The Christmas is synonymous with sweets and, specifically, with nougat. And it is for this reason that Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has analyzed 20 hard or Alicante nougat —19 of supreme quality and 1 of extra— that can be purchased in different supermarkets. The tasting, the nutritional assessment, the quality of the ingredients, the presence of additives and the information on the labeling are the main aspects that have taken into account a jury of pastry experts.

The Dor’s supreme quality hard nougat at Lidl (€ 9.16 / kg; € 2.29 / 250 g container), which is made by Delaviuda Food in Orgaz (Toledo), leads the ranking with 86 points for its “excellent tasting grade, the good quality of the sugars and its price, one of the lowest”. Closely follows him “Seleqtia nougat from Alicante ” (€ 17.97 / kg; € 5.39 / 300 g container), from Eroski, in second position with 85 points, of which “the excellent assessment by the panel of tasters and the quality of its sugars” stands out despite to be “one of the most caloric analyzed”.

Dor’s supreme quality hard nougat sold at Lidl. INFORMATION

For its part, in third position on the podium is “Antiu Xixona hard nougat Alicante “(€ 18.86 / kg; € 3.30 / 175 g container), supreme quality, with 81 points for being “one of the tastiest in the study”. However, from the Organization of Consumers and Users they point out as a negative point “the quality of the sugars, since it uses invert sugar”.

The OCU classification includes almond-based products in a percentage not less than 60% if they belong to the “supreme” category and 64% if they also carry the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) of Turrón de Alicante; lower, at least 46%, if they are of category “extra”. Likewise, they all incorporate a mixture of honey, sugar and egg white, with a wafer coating made with potato starch.

The consumer organization also highlights that the results of the study are generally positive: “The tasting is at least acceptable for all nougats and no additives were found.” However, they point out that thirteen of the twenty manufacturers lower costs replacing part of the honey and sugar with glucose syrups and invert sugars. Similarly, in the study they point out that the difference in price per kilo between the nougat of the leading brands and that of private brands is very significant: 22 euros compared to 12 euros in “supreme” quality products.

Conservation of nougat

Regarding its conservation, the OCU recommends storing the nougat in a cool place away from humidity, also when it is opened, although in this case wrapped. The fridge is not a good place to store it: in addition to absorbing strange odors, the almond can pick up moisture and become soft.

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