Wednesday, September 27

“Two leagues, but for people nothing is enough”

Two years have passed since he left the Barça bench but for now he still hasn’t returned to training. In an interview in the magazine ‘Líbero’, Ernest Valverde He talks about his time at the Camp Nou for two and a half seasons, until he was dismissed in January 2020.

“We were there, there were two leagues and it was good, but it seems that for people nothing is enough. I was there for two and a half years in the three years we were first in the Champions group and with a margin game, in the three years we had plenty of last game”, he points out in the extensive interview.

“I have lived eight and a half years in Barcelona, ​​as a player for Barça, Espanyol and now as a coach and because of the size of the role you occupy, everything has changed. When I was a player I used to go to El Born to take photos, I can’t imagine now some Barça player with his face uncovered to take pictures around there”, he comments on his other passion, photography. “This position for these two years has been different but the rest, once that happens, and you know that the coach of another team has less space than you because you are the Barça coach and that gives you more focus but that, once that you leave it, it is diluted”.

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Former Barça and Blue and White player believes that the rivalry between Barça and Espanyol is good: “It’s a historic club. It’s the rivalry but it does benefit. It seems that they are always fighting but there are a number of players who have gone through both sides. I don’t know , of the Pena. Players who identify with both. I did the trail backwards. There is a difference but it is good that there is that rivalry in the city and it is good that it is encouraged. We must promote the League to be more powerful thanks to the teams being strong because that is what has made the league strong in Europe. That’s what I think.”

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In this sense, the former Athletic coach defended the work of the quarry: “Now almost all the players who are arriving have gone through a base football of some important team such as Athletic, Real, Barcelona, ​​Osasuna… I, for example, left the team from my neighbourhood, San Ignacio and when I was 17 years old I went to Alavés but I wasn’t a hard-working player from the base, from a physiological job… Now the street footballer isn’t here, but the dribblers always go looking for each other and are quoted a lot. Now there are players like coman at Bayern, like Sané, like Mahrez at City. Messi, Neymar, Dembele… they are differentials, they leave one, those will always be there”.

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