Monday, November 29

Two million doses and hundreds of anecdotes

In the old film studios of Ciudad de la Luz yesterday afternoon the last stragglers came without an appointment to receive their dose of the vaccine. More than 300,000 people have been immunized at this point. “We take learning and fellowship with us. Having participated in something that has repercussions on the whole of society ”, indicate the nurses Annunciata Baeza and Lidia Iglesias. Feelings to which Jone Montiel, coordinator of this device, she adds excitedly “being able to put an end to the suffering of many people”.

Inoculation yesterday at the El Toscar pavilion in Elche and at the mass vaccination point in San Vicente del Raspeig. | ANTONIO AMORÓS / HÉCTOR FUENTES

The gratitude of the population has returned to these professionals in the form of bouquets of flowers, thank you letters and countless personal messages, “You even listen to in your free time, for example shopping at the butcher, and they fill you with enormous satisfaction,” says Dr. Berta Zapata.

There has also been time for anecdotes. For example when a lady wanted to get vaccinated with her dog and there was no way to convince her otherwise or when a person, who had not yet received the vaccine by age group, tried to get a fix by showing a resignation letter from a friend that he did not want to be vaccinated.

Up to 120 people per shift have worked in this vaccination space. Managing this volume of workers, with their shifts, guards and drafts, has also been a headache for Inés Montiel, Medical Director of Primary Care at the General Hospital of Alicante. That and the constant changes in the protocols imposed by a pandemic from which we have been learning day after day. Montiel keeps the good stuff. «I have lived this campaign as the exit door after many months managing the pandemic on the back of the waves. Months in which it seemed there was no way out.

At the mass vaccination point of San Vicente del Raspeig, almost 69,000 doses have been administered, according to the data provided by Fernando Riera, director of Primary Care Nursing in the department of the General Hospital of Alicante and responsible for this vaccination point. Here too there have been many anecdotes. From a boy with down syndrome who received the vaccine hugging all the staff, a an 8-year-old boy who comforted his father when he had an anxiety attack at the time of receiving the puncture. Here too the gratitude has returned in the form of ice cream, chocolate bars, cakes and treats. Workers of this center, such as Pilar Domenech, Isabel Talavera or Fina Oliva have acted as psychologists to convince people who were afraid to get vaccinated and have also made bobbin lace so as not to throw away any dose of the vaccine, calling people to come to get vaccinated after closure and waiting up to one hour to use all thawed vials.

Two million doses and hundreds of anecdotes

The El Toscar and Lara González pavilions in Santa Pola have remained open for more than three weeks for vaccination after the closure of IFA. In the more than 20 days that these points have been available, 2,289 people have received the first dose of the vaccine. “Capturing these people is a huge satisfaction for us, once the first ranges that were established for vaccination had been closed,” says Carlos De Gregorio, head of vaccination in the department of the General Hospital of Elche.

In the department of Alcoy, two closing acts were held for the mass vaccination centers that until now have been operating in Alcoy and Ibi, with the presence of health officials and mayors of the area. The director of Primary Care of the department, Carlos Vilaplana, highlighted at the Ibi ceremony that more than 85% of the population of the area over 12 years of age has the complete vaccination schedule, and thanked “the effort of the great professionals” who have been carrying out “a good job”, as well as the municipalities for collaborating in everything necessary.

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