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Two minors under 15 burn with a lighter and shave a 65-year-old disabled woman in Cádiz



One lights the victim’s hair with a lighter at the crown of the head, the other records it with her mobile. They both laugh non-stop, especially when the woman with a 72 percent disability is shaved with a razor. They then distributed the video as a ‘feat’ through their networks of contacts. Have 15 years and were available to the Cádiz Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office for the crimes of torture and against moral integrity. They are already in the custody of their parents.

The harassments took place at the woman’s home, in Conil (Cádiz), taking advantage of the trust they had with the victim’s son. The video was spread among their friends. The events took place when a report from the Local Police was received at the Conil Civil Guard offices in which it provided a video that would have been spread by some social networks and instant messaging where you could see a minor who was seriously harassing and laughing an older woman. A house was visible but those who participated in the crime could not be located or fully identified.

The seriousness of the content of the images made the case a priority for the agents of the post of that locality and it was those who are dedicated to carrying out the Master plan for Coexistence and Improvement of Safety in educational centers and their environments who identified the author of the harassment as a neighbor of the town. A 15-year-old girl they knew.

They then located the 65-year-old victim, suffering from a 72 percent mental disability. Both the minor and her friend, the one who was filming, of the same age, were summoned to the Civil Guard barracks where they appeared accompanied by their mothers. They did not show the slightest sign of regret.

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The proceedings were handed over to the Cádiz Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office and the minors were left in the custody of their parents, without any other consequence. The agents went to the victim’s home (neither she, of course, nor anyone in her family had reported the events) to check her condition. They offered to take her to a hairdresser and pay for it so they could try to fix the obvious physical damage. The lady refused. He just wants to forget that episode.

The Civil Guard recalls the importance of the Master Plan for Coexistence and Improvement of Safety in Educational Centers and their environments, where year after year campaigns are carried out to prevent harmful behaviors for minors, such as campaigns against school bullying, prevention of the consumption of narcotics, of risks on the Internet or against gender violence, but also of raising awareness to put a stop to those behaviors that target the most vulnerable. This year all efforts will focus on preventing hate crimes such as the one suffered by the victim of Conil.

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