Tuesday, October 26

Two out of every three vaccinations this week will be for twentysomethings

Thus, the segment between 20 and 29 years will be the recipient of two out of every three doses that the Ministry of Health plans to inoculate this week. According to the department headed by Ana Barceló, the autonomy is scheduled to administer 279,867 punctures, of which almost 175,000 are reserved for twentysomethings.

The councilor assured that this strip is the “priority” and that with the 580,000 extra doses that they will be received during August it will be possible to “shorten the deadlines”. This increase in vaccines comes in two ways: 240,000 doses of Moderna to compensate for those destined to immunize displaced people and to alleviate the initial deficit by the Valencian population pyramid and another 340,000 from Pfizer that will arrive due to the additional purchase announced by the central government.

The Community was only able to administer last week 70% of the doses planned for the youngest


The Valencian Community is at the tail of Spain regarding the advancement of immunization in this age group. Only Galicia and Cantabria have a lower percentage of vaccination among twentysomethings than the Valencian Community, which has administered at least one dose to 27.6% of the slightly more than half a million people that make up that band of autonomy when the national average is 47 %. Almost 375,000 Valencians between the ages of 20 and 29 have not started the program and only one in ten has finished the process.

In addition, Sanidad is not being able to advance as fast as it calculated. During the past week he had planned to administer 105,000 vaccines among the twentysomethings, but according to the figures of the Ministry, slightly less than 75,000 were inoculated, 70%. The council He rules out talking about absenteeism until the group is closed and remembers that absences, especially during the holiday period and with the soaring incidence among young people, may be due in large part to trips or recent infections to whom the injection is postponed.

Pfizer and Moderna will continue to be the sera to be inoculated in this group. Only 2,500 vaccines received this week will be from the other two brands. The 2,143 doses of AstraZeneca will be used to complete the pattern between sexagenarians (where 44,001 people are still waiting for the second puncture) and the 375 of Janssen for ‘repechage’ and international travelers. Also, 9,241 doses of Pfizer are reserved for those who received the first AstraZeneca and chose to pool sera.

Turn covid into a kind of seasonal flu

Mass vaccination seeks to win the battle against covid. But experts say that eradicating the covid will be more than complicated, so the goal is to turn it, thanks to immunization, into a kind of seasonal flu. “We must learn to live with the virus. It is about turning it into a flu, a disease that occurs every year, which also causes deaths but within socially accepted limits “, explains Jaime Pérez, from the Spanish Association of Vaccination. According to him, the goal is for the vaccine to reduce the severity of cases and for the pandemic to lead to an epidemiological situation with which to live.


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