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Two parallel investigations of the Trumps open for alleged tax fraud

Friday, 20 November 2020 – 11:28

According to The New York Times, the origin of the investigations are consulting expenses worth more than 740,000 dollars that Trump would have deducted through his businesses and that would have gone to a company in the name of his daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka. Trump

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File image of Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House.

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    Trump did not pay taxes for more than two decades, according to ‘The New York Times’

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    Donald Trump’s personal income tax, a political issue

Two judicial investigations, one criminal and one civil, have been opened in New York state for alleged fiscal fraud of President Donald Trump and his companies and others linked to his family, which could have procured inappropriate deductions for the president, reported this Friday exclusively the newspaper The New York Times.

The state judge for the district of Manhattan, Cyrus R. Vance, is making inquiries for a possible criminal case, while the state attorney general, Letitia James, is conducting inquiries in a civil case. Both investigations are carried out separately.

According to the newspaper, the origin of the investigations are consulting expenses of more than $ 740,000 that Trump would have been tax-deductible through his businesses and that they would have gone to a company in the name of his daughter and presidential adviser Ivanka Trump.

Both judge and prosecutor have requested documentation from the Trump family business conglomerate, the Trump Organization, Regarding these expenses, which could add to a list of judicial problems that the president will have to face once he leaves the White House in January.

Suspicions about Trump’s tax breaks and these two investigations are disclosed after The New York Times It would publish details of how the president had managed to avoid paying or paying very little taxes for years because he declared or carried losses in his personal businesses.

Among the expenses that allowed Trump to avoid paying the US Treasury were deductions worth $ 26 million in business expenses with unidentified consultants.

In 2017, the statement indicated the deduction for consulting costs for a value of $ 747,622, which precisely match income in other documents reported by Ivanka Trump through a company in which it is co-owner.

These expenses of the Trump Organization respond to projects in Hawi and Vancouver (Canada) where Ivanka Trump already works as a member of the family business.

The company object of the investigations is the consulting firm TTT Consulting, in which Ivanka Trump was a partner, allegedly along with other members of the Trump family, as the name seems to suggest.

Trump’s sons have called the court investigations into the family’s businesses as political revenge, while the Trump Organization assures that they have not incurred in any type of bad practice in the hiring of consulting services.

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