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Two positives force residents of a nursing home in Sant Joan to isolate all Christmas

Activities carried out in the Sant Joan nursing home.  |  INFORMATION

Activities carried out in the Sant Joan nursing home. | INFORMATION

The 356 elderly people who live in the Sant Joan d’Alacant Residence for Railroad Pensioners are in strict confinement in their bedrooms Since last December 14, there have been two positives for coronavirus among its employees in just two weeks. They have been locked in their tiny rooms for 14 days, without being able to see their relatives on these special dates or through a video call, and seeing how their cognitive and physical capacities are diminishing as the days go by, according to the complaint. relatives.

On December 14, a worker at the residence tested positive for coronavirus and immediately afterwards the center carried out the protocol of action marked by Health, the director of the center tells this medium, confining all the elderly who are in the nursing home. . A week later, another worker tested positive and this has caused the confinement to extend another 14 days. «After Christmas there will be more positives and the center will chain one lockdown after another. They are going to destroy my parents’ health, ”says Virginia Tovar.

Tovar has been denouncing the violation of the rights of the elderlys with this “inhuman” confinement since last September they confined all the elderly in their bedrooms for weeks, “instead of isolating the outbreak, they isolate retirees,” he tells this media. The reason for her fight against this violation of the rights of the elderly is because her parents have been part of this nursing home for ten years and she is seeing, and suffering, how her parents have spent Christmas locked in “a den”, it states. The center has also denied family members the ability to see their elders through a video call.

The elderly are kept locked in their rooms without contact with family or video calls

In search of a solution, Tovar, a social worker, filed a complaint in the 9th Court of Alicante last September in which she states that “the strict and indiscriminate confinement in her bedroom endangers my mother’s life.” In the letter, he requested urgent measures so that the elderly could leave their rooms and demanded that the Ministry of Health eliminate the protocols that are applied in the residence when a positive for coronavirus is detected. They are inhuman. They are violating the rights of all residents. My mother has a deep depression. When are we going to act? When all this is over we will throw our hands to our heads, “he says.

The response from the court came weeks later when it decided not to adopt precautionary measures or to prosecute the complaint of the daughter of the octogenarian couple by not appreciating a criminal offense in the strict confinement. «The facts that the complainant -Virginia Tovar- have brought to the attention of the Investigating Court are not incardinable in any type of crime that our Penal Code includes, but is governed by health regulations derived from the current pandemic caused by covid-19 and for the measures adopted in centers, such as nursing homes, this court lacking objective competence to adopt any type of urgent or precautionary measure, “says the resolution.

Now, Virginia Tovar is moving heaven and earth through social networks and the media to end “a confinement that will not kill the virus, will kill our elders with sadness», He says.

The residence ensures that it applies the Health protocols

“We have limited ourselves to following orders. This is what the protocol establishes and is done to safeguard the health of the elderly ”, explains Carlos Hermosa, director of the Sant Joan Residence for Railroad Pensioners. Thus, when a positive case for coronavirus appears, the director explains that the action and control protocol is applied in residential centers against the covid. «Since March this residence has not had any deceased. This is the fourth case we have had in all these months. We are controlling the situation complying with the sanitary regulations “, indicates the person in charge. In addition, he adds that they have reinforced the staff, hiring psychologists to promote and enhance the accompaniment during this confinement. On the other hand, the director ensures that every day they carry out energizing activities to prevent the elderly from feeling alone.

Hermosa assures that strict confinement is the most effective option to eliminate the virus since due to the large volume of residents they have, it is impossible for them to carry out another measure that does not put the health of retirees at risk. “If a confinement of 14 days is needed for our elders to continue with us, we will continue to do so,” concludes the head of the center.

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