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Two teens caught for bragging about killing Hispanic gang member: bloody chain of revenge in New York

Violence overflowing in the Bronx

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Two teenagers were arrested for fatally shooting the Hispanic gang member Ramón Gil Medrano (16) in alleged revenge for killing a child, in the middle of the “turf war” between groups of armed minors in the Bronx (NYC).

Alec McFarlane (15) and Mehki Williams (19) were spotted by NYPD after bragging on social media about the murder by Gil Medrano from a skateboard. Police are still searching for two other suspected teens, 16 and 19, who were on a second scooter and allegedly also opened fire on the Hispanic on July 11.

According to the police, Gil Medrano was killed in Mount Hope in retaliation for the murder of a 13-year-old boy, a rival gang member, just hours earlier: Jaryan “Jay Ripp” Elliot, an alleged member of the “Crips” gang who already had eight arrests under his belt, including for robbery and assault. In turn, Elliot would have been killed for the murder of a 19-year-old young man, five days earlier.

Gil Medrano was a member of the band 800 YGz or “Young Gunnaz”. According to a police source, teenagers “They brag about it on social media… That’s why they got caught. “

McFarlane, was arrested in Queens shortly before 6:30 a.m. Saturday and charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. A surveillance video shows him as a gunman against Gil Medrano. Less than two hours later, police arrested Williams in the Bronx and charged him with being an accessory to the homicide, on charges of murder, gang assault, conspiracy, reckless danger, and criminal possession of a weapon, said the police.

Williams has two previous arrests, including one for a firearm earlier this month; and McFarlane had a weapon arrest in January and a marijuana charge dating back to August 2019, both cases sealed, sources said.

According to a Bronx court affidavit, Williams was riding the scooter McFarlane was riding armed behind him on East 178th Street shortly before midnight on July 11. Gil Medrano he was getting out of a taxi when he was shot. Subsequently, the police found five 0.9mm bullet casings at the scene, he detailed. New York Post.

The rampant increase in gang violence has led to insomnia in NYPD Commissioner Dermot Sheahe claimed last week.

New York “It really has become a place where lawlessness is the norm. And that is simply unacceptable ”, said yesterday Eric Adams, favorite to be the next mayor of the city. He also asked to review the controversial criminal reform and stop arms trafficking.

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