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Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder Upcoming Fights: Breaking Possible Opponents After 2021 Trilogy

What’s next for Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder?

Regardless of the outcome of their Oct. 9 trilogy fight, it’s an important question looming for a heavyweight division with more questions than answers.

While Oleksandr Usyk’s surprise over Anthony Joshua on Sept. 25 was the first domino to fall into heavyweight chaos, Fury-Wilder III will dictate the future and send ripples across the division.

Fury, who defeated Wilder by seventh round knockout in February 2020, is expected to win, although Wilder has tremendous knockout power and dropped Fury twice previously in his first fight in December 2018.

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No matter who wins between Wilder and Fury, they are not expected to face Usyk or Joshua, as the latter triggered a rematch clause. So who will they fight? We break down all the possible paths to follow.

Tyson Fury’s next fight

Fury said in September that he planned to fight next time with Dillian Whyte, the current interim WBC champion, before two fights with Joshua in 2022. It is highly likely that Whyte will be Fury’s next fight, assuming he deals with matters against. Wilder.

At a pre-fight press conference last week, Fury said “no one is on my radar” other than Wilder, declining to comment on a possible unification fight with Usyk or an all-British meeting with Joshua.

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Oleksandr Usyk

We said it is unlikely, but it is certainly not impossible. Although Joshua is expected to activate his immediate rematch clause, there is a way in which a deal for Usyk to face Fury for the undisputed title and Joshua to get the winner of that fight could be implemented with a significant side step fee. . Sure, Joshua is not about the money because he has a lot. But it would give him time to correct the mistakes of the last fight. And then we would have an undisputed title fight between two undefeated champions. Usyk is certainly not as big a name as Fury, Joshua or Wilder, but he is just as dangerous, if not more so. And if all roads are going to go through Usyk to determine an undisputed champion, it’s better to get him out of the way sooner rather than later.

It is a fascinating fight between the two best boxers in the heavyweight division. Fury will have the size advantage, but Usyk proved against Joshua that he can neutralize that with his supreme technical ability. Perhaps as interesting as the fight itself is figuring out where it would take place. Fury has made Las Vegas his second home and has bought a house to cement his roots. But he could also plan the fight in a stadium abroad. It is a tempting fight but the hardest to make.

Dillian whyte

Whyte faces Otto Wallin on October 30 to determine who is the # 1 contender for the WBC championship that Fury and Wilder are fighting for. Whyte has been hanging around a bit since he sat in this position at different times in his career, but he has yet to get his name. If he defeats Wallin, the heavy-handed Brit would make an intriguing opponent for Fury in a UK-wide showdown that would certainly make for a great fight overseas. He is not as powerful as Wilder, but he has dynamite in his hands and he always comes to fight. His destruction of Alexander Povetkin in their rematch earlier this year showed his ability to end a fight at any time. The intrigue is there, you just have to take care of business against Wallin.

Andy ruiz

Do you remember Ruiz? You know, the guy who pulled off the big surprise by knocking out Anthony Joshua and delaying an undisputed title fight? It is almost certain that he could emerge again as an opponent of Fury. How do you ask? If Fury beats Wilder, Joshua takes his contracted rematch with Usyk, and Wallin defeats Whyte, it is possible that Ruiz will find himself an opponent for Fury. The Gypsy King has already beaten Wallin and Ruiz is the next big thing in the division. Not to mention, Ruiz looked great, despite an early knockdown, against Chris Arreola as he moves forward with his career under the watchful eye of Eddy Reynoso. Ruiz’s quick hands, granite chin, and improved weight would be an intriguing puzzle to watch Fury try to solve. Not to mention, Fury could fight again in the United States against an opponent with a significant Mexican following.

Deontay Wilder next fight

Fury called Saturday’s fight a “watershed moment” for Wilder, and that certainly appears to be the case.

Wilder, who has held the WBC belt since January 2015, hopes to land a championship fight against Usyk or Joshua. However, that is not a guarantee if he falls to Fury a second time.

There is a chance that Wilder will face Joshua or Usyk in late 2022, depending on who loses or wins their rematch. In an immediate sense, he could face Fury for the fourth time, as they would each have a win and a draw.

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Dillian whyte

There is a bit of history between Wilder and Whyte. The two were hooked up for a potential heavyweight clash a few years ago that never materialized. Instead, what we received were the two heavyweights exchanging picks in the media. They clearly don’t like each other and both think they will rip each other’s head off. And if Whyte beats Wallin, this is 100% fight for someone to get their bragging rights once and for all. And who doesn’t want to see two guys who hate each other trying to end each other’s night with one hit? If nothing else, it will be fun.

Oleksandr Usyk

See the above reasons with Fury on how a fight with Usyk could be made. But a Usyk-Wilder fight for all the gold is a much more entertaining clash of styles than if it were Fury facing Usyk. And this one could easily be staged in the United States, as Wilder is currently the last American heavyweight to have mainstream interest. As for the fight itself, it will be intense as Usyk is expected to surpass Wilder, but he will have to be tired of having his lights go out with a single hit at any point in the fight. Intrigue is heavy for this one.

Tyson’s Fury

Listen, we’ve all gotten tired of these two and their back and forth over the past three years, but if Wilder beats Fury, there needs to be a tiebreaker at some point with the series at 1-1-1. Why wait? Wilder will turn 36 on October 22 and Fury just turned 33. There is no time to waste and if Usyk and Joshua have their rematch, Wilder needs something to keep him busy while he works out. Fans may say they’re tired of watching Fury and Wilder, but you just can’t allow a series to end at a standstill.

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