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UA researcher Fernando Maestre “sneaks” back into the world’s top scientists

The researcher Fernando Maestre. | PILAR CORTÉS

The distinguished researcher of the University of Alicante (UA) Fernando Maestre has done it again. By third consecutive year it has “strained” in the prestigious list of Web of Science that picks upl 1% of most cited scientists in the world in different disciplines. This year only two from the Valencian Community are present, Master, ecologist and expert in arid zones, and the Chemistry researcher from the Rey Jaime I University of Castellón Iván Mora-Sero.

Fernando Maestre from Sajeño does not stop reaping recognition in his career. You recently received the Jaume I Award for Environmental Protection and has been distinguished by national and international scientific organizations. In this case, the award is to appear in the Web of Science list, where the significant influence in their field of research is highlighted through the publication of multiple highly cited articles during the last decade.

Maestre is an expert in the functioning of arid zone ecosystems and their response to global environmental change and has 15,293 citations, more of 270 posts (including ten in Science, Nature and PNAS) and an h-index of 60, as detailed in the ranking.

«I am very happy to receive, for the third consecutive year, this recognition, which is also true of the magnificent work that all the members who have passed through the Laboratory of Ecology of Arid Zones and Global Change of the University of Alicante have done and are doing. Seeing that our work is used and cited by our colleagues is very gratifying and this recognition is a stimulus to continue with our lines of research, ”said the researcher.

To prepare the list, the names of the researchers are extracted from the publications that are in the top 1% according to the citations by field and year of publication. In this edition, more than 6,000 researchers are present, in 21 fields of science and social sciences, of which 3,900 are recognized for their performance in specific fields and about 2,500 for their performance in various fields. If you take a look you can see many names from Harvard and Stanford universities, or the Max Plank Institute and Karolinska.

Fernando Maestre returned to the University of Alicante in 2019 within the Generalitat’s talent recovery program, Gent T. Here he won the extraordinary award for undergraduate (1999) and doctorate (2005), and received the award for academic performance from the Generalitat Valenciana (1999). Currently, he directs the Laboratory of Arid Zones and Global Change, is a member of the Multidisciplinary Institute for the Environment Ramón Margalef of the UA and professor of Ecology on leave of absence at the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid.

He has carried out research stays at universities and research centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and China. In addition, he has been the principal investigator of 16 research projects totaling more than 5.2 million, being the only ecologist working in Spain to have obtained both a Starting (2009) and a Consolidator Grant (2014) from the European Research Council.

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