Monday, July 4

UEFA forgives the regrets of the Superliga and threatens Barça, Madrid and Juve

  • The organization announces an “integration package” for the nine clubs that resigned from the tournament led by Florentino Pérez

  • UEFA will sanction unruly teams with 100 million euros if they return to the Super League and plans to punish the three rebel clubs by considering excluding them from European competitions

UEFA’s message is strong. Sorry for the nine regretful teams (Arsenal, City, United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, the six English that triggered the surrender of the Superliga, Atlético de Madrid, Inter and Milan) and threats of heavy financial fines for the three teams (Madrid , Barça and Juventus) who have not yet abandoned that elitist and transgressive project chaired by the white leader Florentino Pérez.

The schism continues. Most have returned to UEFA’s order, further exposed to a € 100 million fine if they resume the Super League project, while the three rebel clubs run the risk of being excluded from European competitions.

“These clubs quickly recognized their mistakes and have taken steps to demonstrate their regret and future commitment to European football,” he proclaimed. Aleksander ceferin, the president of UEFA, a body that has detailed the comprehensive “integration package” to welcome, once again, the nine repentants, joining, now immediately, the European Clubs Association (ECA), “the only representative body for clubs recognized by UEFA”.

Donation of 15 million

In this sense, and “as a gesture of goodwill”, these nine teams will make “a donation of 15 million euros”, which will be used, according to UEFA, “for the benefit of children, youth and grassroots football in local communities across Europe, including the UK. ” In addition, the regrets will see how “5% of the income” that they would have received from UEFA during a season is withheld, an amount that will be “redistributed”.

Not only that. They will also accept, as the body chaired by Ceferin has revealed, that “substantial fines be imposed if they pretend to play in an unauthorized competition of this type.” The amount would be 100 million euros. And in case of “breaching any other commitment” they would be fined another 50 million more.

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Related news

When he referred to Madrid, Barça and Juventus, the only three clubs that have not disengaged from the Superliga, Ceferin announced that “UEFA will deal with them later.” At the moment, he has not wanted to give more clues because he “reserves all the rights to take the measures it deems appropriate against those clubs that until now have refused to give up the so-called Super League.”

Florentino said that “he did not fear reprisals from UEFA”, but these have arrived and almost immediately, opening a schism between the repentant and the rebels. And Ceferin transfers to the disciplinary committees the possible sanctions that Madrid, Barça and Juventus would receive, willing as it seems to exclude them even from European competitions.

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