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UGT denounces “discrimination” between health personnel of Equality and Health

The Consell approved a decree on December 1, 2017 in which, according to Carmen Ortega, UGT delegate and nursing technician at the Emilio Sala de Alcoy residence, it is recognized that “when the scales establish the time worked in institutions as a merit public health services will be understood to include the services provided in health institutions of the National Health System managed directly or indirectly […] provided that it can be proven that they carried out work of the same category in said centers and, where appropriate, especially those that compete “and among them, the institutions of a socio-health nature stand out, especially the centers whose ownership, the text emphasizes,” belongs to the Generalitat and are managed directly by the competent Ministry “.

However, four and a half years later “this still does not apply” and “even if you have been working for ten years as a nurse or nursing technician for the Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies, if you go to Health, your experience is not recognized”, denounces Ortega. The UGT delegate, in this sense, calls this situation “discrimination” among health personnel, in which, she insists, “it is an equal professional sector.”

Carmen Ortega, in addition, denounces that at the negotiation table in which, among other issues, the “covid pay”, UGT expressed its discomfort over “the structural failures” that this proposal of incentives presented for those who had been “fighting” in the pandemic, since it “left out the contracted personnel and those of the juvenile centers. Given the refusal of the Generalitat to expand the economic contributions, “UGT proposed that double points be scored on the stock market” as a motivational measure, at least. But it was rejected by the regional administration “bluntly and without giving further explanations.”

Carmen Ortega, UGT delegate. | JUANI RUZ

The intention of the union, insists Ortega, “is that these people who were hired during the worst moments and that they worked in very difficult conditions in nursing homes, at least they had an extra contribution of points for the bag or competitive examinations. That such a hard year would count as two worked “, as happens in Health.

In this sense, the UGT delegate details that three periods have been established: from March 14 to June 21, 2020; from October 25 to November 9, 2020; and from November 10, 2020 to May 9, 2021. At this time, according to Ortega’s calculations, “3.9 points would be added in Health and 1.3 in Equality.” Therefore, “a person who has been in Equality for three years would have the same score as another who has worked in Health this pandemic year.”

Faced with this situation, the union leader regrets that this type of “discrimination” is made when “it does not even entail an economic cost for the administration”. Despite the fact that nursing homes are classified as socio-health centers, “the health personnel who work in them have the same qualifications as those who are in hospitals,” he insists.

From the sector they feel that “we are belittled, our work is not valued”, even though “in the worst moments of the health crisis we have acted as a retaining wall, taking care of our elders to avoid occupying more beds in hospitals.”

“The work that has been done in hospitals has been exceptional”, but, according to Ortega, in centers for the elderly “we add an extra emotional burden, since we have spent years living with our users, we love them and in many moments we knew that they were dying. Furthermore, in this type of center “we have residents with diabetes, kidney problems, cancer …, in most cases with multiple pathologies and a high degree of dependency”, which allows them to “have experience in many fields” , unlike other institutions.

Professionals miss psychological help

The health workers of the residences for the elderly miss that the Generalitat offers them psychological assistance or therapies after the moments “so hard we have lived”, according to the UGT delegate and nursing technician, Carmen Ortega. “We have been with our elders day and night, providing care and transmitting calm” since the pandemic began. Ortega insists that although the professionals have worked to the limit of their possibilities “we have tried at all times not to notice the fatigue, fear and nervousness” so that “they were as good as possible”, he adds.

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