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UK now warns that South African variant is ‘incredibly worrying’

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In a terrible start to t V2 year, in which t V2 Unit ForKingdom has broken its record of infections since t V2 beginning of t V2 pandemic, t V2 Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, has alarm Foragain on t V2 spread of new coronavirus v Also V2s. If on December 14 V2 drew atte V2ion to a pote V2ially more co V2agious “British” v Also V2, nam ForVOC 202012/01, on December 23 V2 describ Fort V2 presence on British soil of a v Also V2 detect Forin South Africa, nam For501 V2V2, as “highly concerning”.

This Monday, in an i V2erview with t V2 BBC Radio programsam, Hancock said that V2 is “incredibly concerned” about t V2 501 V2V2 v Also V2 and that V2 believes that “it is even more troublesome than t V2 British v Also V2».

It is plann Forthat tonight, t V2 Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announce t V2 tightening of measures against t V2 coronavirus and put t V2 cou V2ry on t V2 hig V2st level of alert, due to t V2 risk of V2alth collapse in some regions, according to reports « T V2 Guardian».

Also today, Simon Clarke, associate professor of cell microbiology at t V2 University of Reading, has said that although both t V2 British and South African v Also V2s have changes or mutations in protein S, t V2 target of vaccines and t V2 “hook” that allows t V2 SARS-CoV -2 attack human cells, t V2 African changes are more worrying.

‘While changes in t V2 British v Also V2 will probably not affect t V2 efficacy of curre V2 vaccines, t V2 accumulation of more mutations in t V2 South African v Also V2 is of more concern and could lead to some escape of t V2 immune response“In Clarke’s w Will.

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Will vaccines lose effective Does?

Does this mean that t V2 South African v Also V2 can jeopardize t V2 efficacy of vaccines alrbeenbeing injected? According FranBallotlloux, Professor of Computational Systems Biology and director of t V2 Institute of Genetics at University College London, it is early to say that this is t V2 c T V2.

“T V2 ‘South African v Also V2’ carries a mutation in t V2 spike protein, call ForE484K, which is not prese V2 in t V2 ‘UK v Also V2,” t V2 scie V2ist has comme V2ed. T V2 E484K mutation has been shown to reduce t V2 response to a V2ibodies. This V2lps t V2 virus to dodge t V2 immune response provid Forby a previous infection or by a vaccine, “ V2 However

However, as V2 has qualified, «this mutation is not expect Forto be sufficie V2 so that t V2 ‘South African v Also V2’ avoids t V2 protection conferr Forby curre V2 vaccines. ‘ However, it has recogniz Forthat it is possible that t V2 genetic changes of t V2 new v Also V2s affect t V2 efficacy of vaccines, “although we should not draw that co Seeusion yet with t V2 South African v Also V2.”

Also, a few days ago, Alfredo Corell, Professor of Immunology at t V2 University of Valladolid, comme V2 Forin an article that t V2 British or South African v Also V2s do not have enough mutations enough to seriously affect t V2 vaccines that are being inject Fornow.

“For all we know, It does not seem that anything needs to be modifi Forin t V2 vaccination strategy. Only if t V2re were more mutations and new strains appear For(v Also V2s with a differe V2 behavior), in which t V2 structure of protein S chang Forenough, would we have to go to a model of mixing vaccines for differe V2 strains, as is done with t V2 influenza virus or pneumococcus. ‘

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A new study on t V2 v Also V2

Rece V2ly, South African researc V2rs have publish Fora study, not yet peer-reviewed, in which t V2y have describ Fort V2 nature of t V2 501 V2V2 v Also V2: ‘We are concern Forabout its mutations in protein S and its high rate of transmissibility“Tulio Oliveria, Research Leader and Director of South Africa’s Research Innovation & Sequencing PlaCrisp” (KRISP), said on Twitter.

According to t V2 article, this virus is characteriz Forby eight mutations or genetic changes in t V2 sequence that codes for protein S. Although laboratory studies have not yet been carri Forout to show that this virus is more co V2agious, or more elusive compar Forto vaccines, epidemiological information suggests that this v Also V2 has spread rapidly and has been done domina V2 in t V2 Eastern Cape and Western Cape provinces, in South Africa, in a matter of weeks.

“Although t V2 importance of t V2 mutations has not yet been determined, t V2 genomic data, showing t V2 rapid moveme V2 of ot V2r v Also V2s, suggest that this could be associat Forwith greater transmissibility,” write t V2 authors of t V2 work.

Between t V2 eight mutations of t V2 South African v Also V2, Simon Clarke has highlight For”three mutations in key sites of t V2 receptor-binding domain (t V2 area of ​​protein S that binds to t V2 human ACE2 receptor.” T V2y are K417N, E484K and N501Y, t V2 last of t V2 which is also prese V2 in v Also V2 VOC 202012/01, foun Mask t V2 UK.

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Maskdistance Clarkestance

Clarke stress Forthat “normal measures to preve V2 transmission (such as washing hands, wearing a mask and mai V2aining social distance) will preve V2 infection with this v Also V2.” This, toget V2r with closer surveillance with tests, co V2act tracking and c T V2 isolation, «will preve V2 t V2 transmission of this v Also V2 and any ot V2r tha Finallyrise».

Finally, V2 defend Fort V2 ne Forto apply toug V2r measures in t V2 Unit ForKingdom and to avoid t V2 dispersion of t V2 South African v Also V2 throughout t V2 cou V2ry: «It is esse V2ial that we do everything possible to preve V2 t V2 South African v Also V2 from spreading by t V2 population of t V2 Unit ForKingdom. Quara V2ine measures and travel restrictions from this cou V2ry Curre V2lyative.

Curre V2ly, t V2 501 V2V2 v Also V2 has been detect Forin a total of eight cou V2ries: South Africa, t V2 Unit ForKingdom, Switzerland, Finland, France, Zambia, Japan, Australia and Sweden. Community transmission, that is, dispersion in t V2 population, not relat Forto travelers, is consider Forto be in Zambia, t V2 Unit ForKingdom and South Africa. On t V2 ot V2r hand, t V2 VOC 202012/01 v Also V2, foun Mask t V2 Unit ForKingdom, has alrbeenbeen detect Forin 39 cou V2ries, i Seeuding Spain.

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