Saturday, April 13

Ukraine asks NATO countries for more weapons

  • The faster they deliver, more lives will be saved and destruction avoided”, warns the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba called for this Thursday to NATO members supply as quickly as possible more weapons to your country to fight and defeat to the Russian forces.

“I come to ask for three things: weapons, weapons and weapons. The faster they deliver, more lives will be saved and destruction avoided,” he said upon arriving at NATO headquarters in Brussels for a meeting with foreign ministers of the member countries of this organization.

This is not the first time that Ukraine has requested more weapons to fight the Russians. In fact, the president Volodymyr Zelensky has requested at the end of this Wednesday broader and “really painful” sanctions for Russia in the face of the new packages imposed by United States and the European Union, which he described as “insufficient”.

In his opinion, “if there isn’t a really painful package of sanctions against Russia and if there is no supply of arms”, something that the Ukrainian president has highlighted that from the country they need, this “will be considered by Russia as a permit.” “A permission to go further”, he added.

Spain sends another plane with weapons and medicines to Ukraine

The plane, which left Getafe (Madrid) early in the morning, returned to Zaragoza in the afternoon with Ukrainian refugees, as reported by the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, during a visit to the Air Base of the Aragonese capital.

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Till the date, Spain has sent eleven planes with about 170 tons of material.

This latest shipment of weapons and medicines occurs after Zelenski denounced this Tuesday by videoconference in an act in the Congress that Russia “does not seriously seek peace” and affirmed that they do not know how long the war can last, for which reason they insisted on asking their country for support with weapons and sanctions.

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