Monday, September 25

Ukraine destroys Russian strategic transport ship

Ukraine It has been somewhat tactical and also propagandistic in the attacks on Russian ships in the city of Berdyanskwhich is under the control of the forces of Vladimir Putin. One of the ships is the vessel ‘Orsk‘, allegedly used to supply war material to the troops.

The success of the Ukrainian operation against the ships has been confirmed by a senior Defense official of United States. However, this source has not specified what type of weapon was used during the attack.

resupply in danger

The words of the senior US official were supported by a report from the British Ministry of Defence. On his official Twitter profile, he has confirmed the Ukrainian attacks in Berdyansk against “high-value targets”, including “a landing ship and ammunition storage (the ‘Orsk’).” “The Ukrainians are likely to continue to target logistics assets in Russian-controlled areas. This will force the Russian Armed Forces to prioritize defending their supply chain and will deprive them of much-needed resupply of forces“said the British Ministry of Defense.

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The news of the outcome of the operation was released this Thursday by the Ukrainian Navy: “Good morning from Ukraine. The landing ship ‘Orsk’, of the Black Sea Fleet, has been destroyed in the port of Berdyansk, captured by the occupants. Glory to Ukraine,” he said in a brief message on his account on the social network Facebook.

Images from the attacked area show a burning Russian landing ship in the port of Berdyansk, a plume of smoke and secondary explosions as two other Russian ships also partially on fire leave the port. The ‘Orsk’ is an amphibious landing ship of the class alligators —as designated by the NATO—, able to carry up to 45 armored personnel carriers and 400 military. Russia has two ships of the Alligator model in active service in the Black Sea Fleet: the ‘Orsk’ and the ‘Saratov‘.

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