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Ukraine wins Eurovision after sweeping the televote and Spain achieves a historic third place



If a Martian arrived on Earth at the precise moment that the Eurovision Song Contest is taking place, he would think that we Earthlings are a species to be developed, not too bright and with terrible musical taste, but good people. They would be wrong about at least one thing. Precisely a war marked the development of the competition, in which Ukraine ended up prevailing. The Spanish representative, Chanel, competed with everything she had and earned the respect of a country accustomed to bordering on the ridiculous in the contest.

So vigorous was the performance of the Spanish-Cuban artist in Turin, that she went from fifth position to third among the bookmakers’ favorites in a matter of minutes.

They nailed down the position based on the votes of the expert theorists’ juries and on the final ranking. The ‘chanelazo’ It seemed more possible than ever, something exciting especially for a generation that had never seen Spain fight for the top places.

Chanel became the leader in the first stages of the voting, while the theoretical options of Ukraine were deflated a bit, which nevertheless continued to make rubber with the escapees and reserved the wild card of the public vote. With the logical affection of Europe and five million refugees spread across other countries, everything was yet to be decided. United Kingdom Y Sweden They were the main rivals. Germany finished bottom.

mediocre program

As a television show, Eurovision continues to be a very long program, poorly executed and with a structure capable of making Chicho Ibanez Serrador. The broadcast was always split in two, with the second half as the decisive act, but now the intermission is insufferable. The worst thing is that the true emotion has been diluted, confused with the uncertainty of not knowing who can win until the last minute. The profitability of televotingtwo euros from a landline, weighs more than any other consideration.

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In the ludic-musical section, the authenticity of Portugal felt good, the domestic public was amused by the little Moldovan train, Italy always competes, although it did not impress, they liked the Swedish ballad and even the Australian phantom of the opera. The british tamer he was the one who looked the most like a winner, even if the lion had escaped him.

Zelensky at stake

didn’t show up Zelensky on screen to sing the votes of Ukraine, but he did anticipate the ceremony with a video in which he asked for the vote for his representatives. Surely it was no coincidence that he did it through Telegram, a platform developed by two exiled brothers and Russian opponents.

For Spain, the best news is that a dangerous routine has been broken. The third place is the best since there is televoting. Our representatives had been bordering on ridiculous in Eurovision for too many years, until RTVE pulled a benidorm fest loaded with flaws but with an unbeatable background idea. From the outset, it was proof that the public channel was taking a musical contest seriously, with which it should not be too dramatized either, although one of the participating countries is at war and another has been expelled from the contest for being an invader. In Turin the blood did not reach the river.

The Spanish representative, Chanel Terreror, he worked his ass off and wasted so much energy in Turin that a new international megawatt rise is not ruled out. He acted right after the Italians Mahmood & Whiteunconfirmed favorites at the moment of truth, which left the warm atmosphere, where the Hispanic-Cuban moves best.

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With her bullfighter dress Palomo Spain and aware that it would not be worth it to seduce only the daddies, the singer came out ready to dazzle everyone. Eurovision, as its name suggests, enters better by sight than by hearing, but it can also have side effects related to photosensitive epilepsy. There was no lack of people waiting for her nails.

Before dead than simple

On her way to the Pala Alpitour, Chanel had already anticipated her Olympic enthusiasm by singing on the bus ‘Rather dead than simple’declaration of intentions and a kind of spell for victory, since the song served Maria Isabel to win Eurojunior in 2004.

With thousands of lights not only in the suit, Chanel fought until the last minute to give the ‘chanelazo’, oblivious to criticism and delivered to some unconditional people who took the comeback for granted, no matter what happened in some votes that at the close of this edition had not finished.

From Rose of Spainthe fans had not experienced a competition with such intensity and expectation in which any video arbitration professional would not even know how to draw the offside line.

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