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Ukraine’s Video Game ‘The Point of No Return’ Highlights Soldiers’ Post-War Trauma

A Ukrainian video game shows the daily routine of a soldier in the separatist-controlled east of the country, where Russian-backed rebels and Ukrainian forces have been fighting for years.

The game is intended to help others understand the challenges faced by soldiers struggling with post-war trauma.

Video games are often violent, with wars and bloodshed.

But “ The point of no return“, by the visual storyteller and video game designer Alexey Furman, it’s not like most games.

The project focuses on educating those who have not been to a war zone about the experiences of soldiers there, and also helping those close to war veterans understand what they have been through.

” You’re playing as a man who makes the decision to enlist, to go to the war zone. And then he goes to the war zone and spends significant time there. And he comes home with mental and physical trauma,” he explains. Furman.

The game is created in the popular RPG (role-playing game) style, but according to its developers, it is nothing like a classic war game.

It is designed to show the real atmosphere that soldiers face at the front, visualizing real locations and details that Ukrainian soldiers see during service.

Furman says that the game aims to break down the emotional barriers between those who have been at war and those who have not.

” What I’m trying to do with ‘ The Point of No Return’ is to build bridges between the war veterans and the experience they have gone through, with the people who have not been in the war zone, who do not know what it is like to be under mortar barrage every day, “he says.

It is particularly relevant in Ukraine, where thousands of military personnel have been involved in the conflict in the separatist-controlled east of the country for the past six years.

The conflict in the most Russian-speaking industrial east of Ukraine called Donbass erupted in April 2014, weeks after Russia’s annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

More than 14,000 people have died in fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists.

The game is based on the experiences of various real characters. Their stories have been combined.

One of the actual characters behind the game is Dmytro Bondar, a former military man who also helped express ” The Point of No Return.”

Bondar also played a role in making sure the game’s visuals are as close to reality as possible. He went through countless images of Donbass, including nature, places, and weapons.

“(When creating the game) we were looking for visual references to reality, starting with nature, objects, weapons, ammunition, various types of boxes, etc.,” he says.

The project, which cost just over $30,000 USD, was funded and supported by the Cultural Fund of Ukraine.

Representative Yanina Sleeve says that the video game format allows users to experience things in a different way.

” It is a kind of exercise machine, in which a person, according to his own temperament, can choose various options for how events will unfold, in order to live this from the perspective of his own experience,” he says.

” This format (a video game) has these possibilities that other formats may lack.”

This fall ” The Point of No Return” was presented to the public. It’s on the PC and it’s free to play.

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