Monday, November 29

UK’s amber traffic light freezes hotelier expectations

“We had already foreseen for a couple of weeks that there would be no changes in the qualification of Spain. The long-awaited recovery of the British market, which has been talked about since June, is further retracting. It is complicating the whole summer and now the fall ”, said this Friday the general secretary of the hotel management, Nuria Montes. As a cause, he pointed to the high incidence of the Delta variant of covid that is not fully controlled. For this reason, uncertainty reigns and the sector prefers not to venture a new date to reach the green traffic light, which would avoid having to present a vaccination certificate and two diagnostic tests when the British return to their country.

Hosbec and Visit Benidorm maintain destination campaigns to capture vacation reservations in 2022


The bosses believe that entering the green list will be the door to normality, but “we will see when it occurs. It not only depends on the situation in Spain, but also on the United Kingdom, where it is complicated, with 35,000 infections in a single day and a wave that has picked up again for a couple of weeks ».

The fact is that the terms of that expectation of recovery are being delayed. At the end of June the sector expected, being very optimistic, to have British at the beginning of August, and being realistic in autumn, “now not even that because the rating of Spain has not changed nor do we know when we will be able to change status”. With the amber traffic light, vaccinated British people can travel to Spain but must take a negative test three days before returning to their country, complete a passenger registration form, and take tests upon return on both the second and eighth days.

The sector expected the recovery for August or September, although it will be delayed at least until winter


However, the employers consider positive that there is a schedule of flights with the United Kingdom and an interesting number of scheduled seats, connectivity and the possibility of leaving. They do not rule out an increase in visitors to the British Isles in autumn-winter, and in any case, both Hosbec and Visit Benidorm maintain promotional campaigns at the destination “to be on your mind because reservations are already being made for the 2022 holidays.”

On the other hand, all of Spain will no longer be on the list of high-risk countries for covid-19 in Germany as of Sunday, according to a report by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), responsible for the control and prevention of diseases in the country . This means that travelers returning to the European country from Spain will no longer have to quarantine or present a negative coronavirus test upon entry.

Tourism allocates more than 4.6 million in aid to the sector in the Marina Baixa

A total of 441 tourism companies and 113 local businesses in the region benefit from the subsidies

Tourism has allocated more than 4.6 million euros in aid to the Marina Baixa sector to alleviate the negative effects of covid-19. A total of 441 tourism companies (3.3 million euros) and 113 leisure venues (1.3 million euros) have benefited from these subsidies, as reported yesterday by the general director of Turisme, Herick Campos, during his visit to The Vila Joiosa. Among the entertainment venues there are 24 nightclubs and 89 pubs, the vast majority located in Benidorm.

Only in this city, the Generalitat has allocated half of the aid granted in the Marina Baixa, with 2.7 million euros distributed between tourist companies and leisure venues.

Campos highlighted “the effort of the Generalitat so that the tourist companies of the Valencian Community could overcome the crisis caused by the coronavirus”, in order to “reach the summer with the conditions that they have done.”

The person in charge of Tourism, in addition, pointed out that “the Valencian Community is the autonomy that has granted the most aid to the tourism sector”, as well as the one that “has processed and paid them the sooner”.

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