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Uma Thurman recounts her abortion as a teenager in an essay condemning the Texas ban | Abortion

Uma Thurman has criticized the “horror” of Texas’ draconian new abortion law and called for the ban to be lifted, as she spoke about an abortion she had as a teenager.

Writing for him Washington Post, the actor publicly described his abortion for the first time, calling it his “darkest secret”. She wrote about how she was “accidentally pregnant by a much older man” in her teens and decided to terminate the pregnancy.

She said she was sharing her personal experience “in hopes of keeping the flames of controversy away from vulnerable women on whom this law will have an immediate effect.”

The Republican-backed law, which was passed by the state legislature in May and went into effect earlier this month, is one of the most extreme abortion laws in the U.S., and effectively outlaws nearly all abortions in the United States. Texas.

Abortion providers in the state have warned that the law will create almost insurmountable obstacles for vulnerable populations, including teens, low-income people and people of color, including undocumented immigrants. About 70% of abortions in Texas in 2019 were performed on women of color, according to the Guttmacher Institute.

The law prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect embryonic heart activity, which usually occurs around six weeks of pregnancy, long before many women realize they are pregnant. It does not allow exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest, and only provides strictly defined exemptions to protect the health of the mother.

It also empowers any private citizen to sue an abortion provider for violating them, opening the floodgates to harassment and frivolous lawsuits from anti-abortion vigilantes that could eventually close most clinics in the state.

In the passionate opinion piece, Thurman said he had viewed the passage of the law with “great sadness” and “something akin to horror.”

The actor criticized the Texas ban as “a stage for a human rights crisis for American women.”

She wrote: “This law is another discriminatory tool against those who are economically disadvantaged and, often, in fact, against their partners. Women and children of wealthy families have all the options in the world and are at low risk. “

She continued: “I am also heartbroken that the law pits citizen against citizen, creating new vigilantes who prey on these disadvantaged women, denying them the option of not having children they are unprepared to care for, or extinguishing their hopes for the future family who they could choose. “

The Pulp Fiction star recounted how she started her acting career young and alone in Europe, away from her family and living with a suitcase, when she found herself pregnant at the age of 15.

Although she wanted to keep the baby, after talking with her family, she decided that having an abortion would be the best option. This was for a number of reasons, he wrote, including the inability to provide a stable home at that point in his life.

Thurman described the “shame” he internalized while performing the procedure, adding: “There is so much pain in this story. It has been my darkest secret yet.

“The abortion I had as a teenager was the most difficult decision of my life, one that caused me heartache then and saddens me even now, but it was the path to life filled with joy and love that I have experienced. Choosing not to keep that pregnancy early allowed me to grow up and become the mother I wanted and needed to be. “

Thurman, who has since had three children, said she was speaking in the hope that “some light will shine and reach women and girls who may be ashamed of not being able to protect themselves and have no agency.”

The law is in effect now being challenged in court after the Biden administration formally requested a federal judge to block its application.

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