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UN chief warned that the world is headed for a deep global collapse that would leave it in check

He drew up a report with the necessary proposals to avoid a global debacle.

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Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), issued a troubling warning about the direction the world is currently heading, and stated that it is on a course “wrong” in the middle of a “crucial moment” that could lead to global collapse and deep crisis.

He pointed out that nations and peoples around the world must reverse the dangerous current trends and opt for a scenario of progress towards a greener and safer future, he said. The Associated Press.

The pandemic of COVID-19, which has wreaked havoc around the world, has been a wake-up call for humanity for the failure of nations to make joint decisions to help people in the face of a global crisis situation with deadly tendencies. He also added that humanity is under “enormous stress.”

The UN chief stressed that this “paralysis” is extended beyond the pandemic, since there have also been failures to combat the climate crisis and a “Suicidal war against nature and the collapse of biodiversity”, as well as social inequality and technological advances that do not measure the consequences.

He pointed out that poverty, hunger, gender inequality, the risk to human life, conflicts over a nuclear war, climate collapse, inequality, discrimination and injustice are signs that the world is in a phase more chaotic and insecure, adding that “Conspiracy theories and lies feed deep divisions within societies.”

In remarks at a press conference on Friday, Guterres maintained that his views on a “Revolutionary scenario” it could make the world greener and safer, which is also driven by the “principle of working together”, at the time it recognized that no community or country, no matter how powerful, can resolve its conflicts alone.

“Our Common Agenda”, a proposal for a new and better world

The report under the name “Our Common Agenda”, was born in response to the declaration in 2020 of world leaders during the UN 75th anniversary and the request of all the countries that comprise it for the head of the UN to propose recommendations to address global governance challenges.

“Global decision making focuses on immediate gain, ignoring the long-term consequences of decisions, or indecision”said Guterres, who acknowledged that multilateral institutions have proven too “weak and fragmented for today’s global risks and challenges.”

He proposed that there be multilateral institutions that are more effective, including a UN version “2.0” make it more relevant to the 21st century, rather than new multilateral bureaucracies. “We need multilateralism strongly,” he said.

He said immediate action is needed to protect assets “Most precious” of the planet, from oceans to outer space, in order to ensure that it is habitable and to be able to fulfill the aspirations of the people of find peace and good health, as part of his vision to “fix” the world.

He also called for a worldwide vaccination plan to be carried out by an emergency working group, and stressed that investing $ 50 billion dollars in vaccines could add about $ 9 trillion to the world economy “In the next four years.”

He also suggested a Global Summit of the Future for 2023, that in addition to the issues already exposed by Guterres, it would address topics that go beyond traditional threats to security, and would have as its objective “Strengthen the global governance of digital technology and outer space to manage future risks and crises”.

He declared that one of the reasons for the greatest malaise worldwide is poverty and inequality, which has been increasing. He held that the 10 richest men in the world increased their wealth combined at half a trillion dollars since the start of the coronavirus pandemic; meanwhile, 55% of the world’s population, what would be 4 billion people, are close to destitution and without social protections.

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