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Unanimous international rejection of the assassination attempt against Cristina Fernández de Kirchner

  • President Alberto Fernández, opponents and Argentine government supporters join the strong condemnation by representatives of several Latin American countries

A group of deputies and senators of the ruling party and the opposition of Argentina met this Thursday at the parliamentary headquarters to express their “repudiation” of the attack suffered hours earlier by the country’s vice president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchnersomething that the Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, also did.

Fernandez today expressed his condemnation of the “attack” and declared this Friday a non-working day for society to express “in peace” its rejection of violence. In a message on national television, the president maintained that the “attack” against the former president is the “most serious event that has happened” since Argentina returned to democracy in 1983.

“This attack deserves the strongest repudiation of all Argentine society, of all political sectors, because these events affect our democracy. We are obliged to recover the democratic coexistence that has been broken by the hate speech that has been spread from different spaces. political, judicial and media,” said Alberto Fernández. The head of state asserted that “speeches that promote hate” engender violence. “We are facing an event that has extreme institutional and human gravity. Our vice president has been attacked and social peace has been altered,” he stressed.

The president said that he decided to declare a national holiday (non-working) this Friday so that “in peace and harmony the Argentine people can express themselves in defense of life, democracy and in solidarity” with the vice president. “May the shock, horror and repudiation that this event generates in us become a permanent commitment to eradicate hatred and violence from life in democracy,” he emphasized. Fernández said that he contacted the judge in charge of the investigation of the facts, María Eugenia Capuchetti, whom he asked to clarify “quickly the responsibilities and the facts” and to “ensure the life of the accused” detained.

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In a press conference, the president of the ruling bloc in the Senate, José Mayans, expressed his “solidarity” with the former president between 2007 and 2015 and called for the “immediate clarification” of the facts. “We deeply regret what has happened. We want social peace for Argentina and we urge everyone to work for social peace in the Argentine Republic,” assured the senator from the Frente de Todos.

The president of the Chamber of Deputies, Cecilia Moreau, announced that “during the night” the schedules for a “repudiation session” in both chambers will be defined. Likewise, the pro-government deputy and union leader Sergio Palazzo reported that a group of union leaders has asked the General Confederation of Labor (CGT) “to arbitrate measures with an urgent cessation of activities” for this Friday. “Tomorrow at 10:30 (13:30 GMT) we have been summoned to discuss the request for an immediate cessation of activities and a great mobilization in support of the vice president and condemning the political violence in Argentina,” said Palazzo.

Cuba, “dismayed”

The government of Cuba was “dismayed” this Thursday for the attack and showed his “solidarity” and “support” for politics and the country. Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel assured on Twitter that the government is “dismayed by the assassination attempt” on Fernández. “We transfer all our solidarity to the vice president, the government and the Argentine people,” added Díaz-Canel. Along the same lines, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez underscored Cuba’s “support” “for her, for the (Argentine) government and for the people” of the South American country.

Lula asks for an exemplary sanction

Former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, favorite to win the presidential elections on October 2 in Brazil, expressed his solidarity on Thursday with Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández, after a man tried to shoot her, and asked for an exemplary sanction for the aggressor. “All my solidarity to the compañera Cristina Fernández, victim of a fascist criminal who does not know how to respect differences and diversity,” said the Brazilian leftist leader, a former ally of the also former Argentine president, in a message he published on his social networks. . “Cristina is a woman who deserves the respect of any democrat in the world. Thank God she escaped unharmed,” added the former union leader, who leads all voting intention polls for the presidential elections in Brazil, with about 44%, above of the current president, Jair Bolsonaro, who leads the Brazilian extreme right and aspires to be re-elected.

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Lula defended an exemplary sanction and all the legal consequences for the man who tried to shoot the Argentine vice president, who was identified as Brazilian. “This violence and political hatred that has been stimulated by some is a threat to democracy in our region. The world’s democrats will not tolerate any type of violence in political differences,” he concluded, also referring to the strong polarization of the elections. in Brazil.

Maduro “strongly” rejects the attack

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, “strongly” repudiated the attack this Thursday. “We send our solidarity to the vice president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in the face of the attempt on her life. We strongly repudiate this action, which seeks to destabilize the peace of the brother Argentine people. The Great Homeland is with you, companion!”, wrote the head of Status on your Twitter account. Minutes before, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Faría, shared a message on this social network in which he expressed, on behalf of his country, the repudiation of the “disastrous attack” against the Argentine vice president, and expressed his solidarity with “the brave Christina”.

The Honduran Foreign Minister, Eduardo Enrique Reina, also condemned the attack on Thursday and expressed his “solidarity” with politics and the South American country. “Our strongest condemnation of the attack against the vice president @CKFArgentina,” Reina said in a message on the social network Twitter. The head of Honduran diplomacy expressed his “solidarity with the Argentine government and people” for the attack on the Argentine vice president.

USA rejects violence

The United States expressed this Thursday its “rejection” of violence and hatred after the assassination attempt. “We are relieved to know that Vice President Cristina Fernández is fine. The United States joins Argentina and all peaceful people in rejecting violence, extremism and hatred everywhere,” the US ambassador to Argentina said on Twitter. Mark Stanley.

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Related news

According to the Minister of Security of Argentina, Aníbal Fernández, the man who tried to shoot the vice president in the surroundings of her home, where a vigil was being held in her support, was immediately arrested. The arrested man was a few meters from the vice president, when she was in the street, at the doors of her apartment in the Recoleta neighborhood of the capital, surrounded by Kirchnerist militants. Images taken by the television channel C5N recorded the moment in which a person pulls out a firearm in front of the former president’s face (2007-2015). “A person who is indicated by those who are close to him shows a weapon and is detained by custody personnel, they move him away, the weapon is found. Now the situation has to be analyzed by our scientific people to evaluate the fingerprints and the capacity and willingness that this person had,” the minister told that channel.

The incident falls within a climate of strong political tension in Argentinaafter on August 22 a prosecutor requested a 12-year prison sentence for Cristina Fernández in the framework of the oral trial she faces for alleged irregularities in the award of public works during her Government.


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