Tuesday, August 3

Unanimous support of the PSOE bases for a motion doomed to failure in Murcia

Diego Conesa voting in the consultation with the militancy.

Diego Conesa voting in the consultation with the militancy.

Despite the fact that the political waters are far from calming down in the Region of Murcia and despite the new revelations that emerge every minute and that increasingly trace the causes and consequences of what happened so that the motion of censure of Citizens to the regional government is, today, doomed to failure, Thousands of socialist militants came this Sunday to their respective houses in the town of Murcia to endorse the decision of their regional Executive and national to ally with the orange party to form a coalition government that would overthrow a reign, that of the PP, which has been in the region for 26 years. This decision was supported by 99 percent of the militancy with 90 percent participation.

At the edge of noon this Sunday, Diego Conesa, the secretary of the PSRM, was voting, who took advantage of the presence of the media to demand the resignation “at least as regional deputies, of the defectors of Ciudadanos Valle Miguélez, Isabel Franco and Francisco Álvarez who have failed to commit and sign”. Regarding the maneuvers of the PP, for Conesa it supposes “a very serious infraction to welcome turncoats in its government to maintain an institution, in this case, the regional government. We expect everything from the PP and we know that it is capable of anything to maintain the chiringuito, the farmhouse and the power in the Region “. The socialist leader also recalled that the popular ones are contravening their own statutes by welcoming the politicians expelled from the orange formation.

The general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, admitted this Sunday publicly that the first thing he did after learning what was happening in the Region during the night of last Tuesday with the motion of censure to the Government of López Miras was “call Citizens” to confirm this movement, but only received a response when the motion had already been registered. Trust in Ciudadanos has been broken, not so in the people who have a word, “said García Egea, referring to the three deputies expelled from Cs.”They are people who have stepped forward and said: I do keep my word, I am not a person who lacks my commitment“.

For its part, the PP, through its Municipal Group in the Murcian Consistory, requested this Sunday the resignation of Diego Conesa “for putting together a Machiavellian plan based on hoaxes and lies to assault the institutions“. The popular demand that the motion of censure presented in the City Council by PSOE and supported by Ciudadanos and Podemos be immediately withdrawn.” They are promoting a dirty game that discredits the good name of Murcia and undermines the will that Murcians freely expressed at the polls, “they pointed out. In their opinion,” the Socialists have used Murcia as a testing laboratory to execute their political strategies at the national level.

The Board of Spokespersons of the Regional Assembly will meet this morning at 9.30 am to set the date and time for the debate on the motion of censure. This was recorded after the meeting of an extraordinary board in which the parliamentary groups were formally informed. Until then, the parliamentary activity that was scheduled for last Thursday and Friday, as well as the calendar scheduled for this week, was suspended.

Appearance of the PP in the case against Conesa

The Investigating Court of Totana investigating the secretary general of the regional PSOE, Diego Conesa, as alleged author of a crime of prevarication for not processing a fine to a mayor of IU-V reported this Sunday that he has dismissed his appeal against the appearance of the PP in the proceedings. Conesa argued that the PP lacked a legitimate interest and was only trying to delay the process and politicize it. However, the Court understands “evident that the one invoked is not alien to the control activity inherent to this type of legal person.” The socialist leader, registered as a member of the Assembly, said on January 21 when he declared as a voluntary investigation that he had no responsibility for the events denounced by the sergeant who had been police chief.


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