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Unemployment increased in February by 81 people in the regions of l’Alcoià, El Comtat and La Foia

Demonstration on May 1, 2019 in Alcoy.

Demonstration on May 1, 2019 in Alcoy.
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The regions of l’Alcoià, El Comtat and La Foia of Castalla have registered a slight increase in unemployment in February, with 81 more unemployed, which places the total figure at 12.231. UGT has negatively valued this figure, “derived largely by the health situation we are going through, since health and economy go hand in hand more than ever, as we have verified with each of the waves of contagion. The good The functioning of the economy only occurs when there is safety and guarantees in health “.

In February female unemployment increased so much, in 51 more stops, such as male unemployment, in 30. Female unemployment stands at a total figure of 7,415 women, data that is still higher than the masculine with 4.816 mens. With these data it is revealed, they insist from UGT, “the labor gap that continues to exist between men and women.” The union recalled that it maintains “the fight so that the inequality between the two genders is lower and that the wage gap decreases and becomes a reality.”

By municipalities, the most significant decrease this month is centered on there with 47 fewer unemployed, thus placing the unemployment rate at 2.139 unemployed. Follow him Onil with 23 less unemployed, placing their unemployment rate at 644 unemployed. The same does not happen in the rest of the municipalities. For example in Alcoy the unemployment rate increases by 96 more unemployed and stands with a total of 5.747. They follow him, Cocentaina, Banyeres de Mariola and Muro de Alcoy, with a slight increase in unemployed in 16, 14 and 12, respectively, and placing their unemployment rates at 1,063, 411 and 721, respectively.

By sectors, registered unemployment is reduced in the sectors: industry with 44 unemployed less, construction with only 4 unemployed less and without activity with 1 only unemployed less. The rise in unemployment is again primed with the service sector, which increased by 123 standing more.

In this sense, the UGT has warned of “the endemic fragility of our labor market. In Spain, the pandemic has revealed to us, in all starkness, that the society created during the years of the crisis, and that it remained intact in the years of The recovery is a precarious society, without healthcare resources, without its own industrial resources, with a labor market so fragile that it could see half of it volatilize from one day to the next. companies and workers, new financing channels, new ways of working, new ways of producing and marketing “.

UGT considers that it is the opportune moment to “undertake the change of the productive, labor, fiscal and social model, capable of combining the revitalization of productivity, innovation and knowledge with the generation of decent jobs, decent wages, improvements in well-being social and environmental respect, a model that guarantees economic efficiency, social equity, ecological sustainability and global solidarity “.

Finally, and given the advance of the pandemic at this time, UGT has appealed to society to “adopt all possible measures to preserve health and prevent further deterioration of the economy and employment.”

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