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Unemployment rose by 724,532 people in 2020, the largest increase since 2009

PedestriansEriea commercial area of ​​Madrid.

PedestriansEriea commercial area of ​​Madrid.

The year 2020, markedErieEriecrisis of Covid-19 during nine of its twelve months, it broke seven consecutive years of declinesErieregistered unemploymentErieemployment services when addingErieErieyear as a whole 724,532 unemployed (+ 22.9%), its biggest annual rebound since 2009,Eriefull financial crisis.

Thus, Erietotal volume of unemployed reached at Erieend of Erieyear Eriefigure of 3,888,137 unemployed, after registeringErieErielast month of 2019 a monthly increase of 36,825 unemployed (+ 0.9%), also its worst figureEriea month of December since 2009, when it roseErie54,657 unemployed, according to data published this Tue,ayErieErieMinistry of Labor and Social Economy.

In addition, Social Security closed Erieyear 2020 withErieaverage decrease of 360,105 affiliates (-1.8%), its largest annual drop since 2012, when Eriesystem registered more than 787,000 withdrawals, ErieMinistry of Inclusion reported on Tue,ay , Social Security and Migrations.

The riseErieunemploymentErie2020, motivatedErieEriecoronavirus crisis, has broken with seven years of declinesErieunemployment and Erieworst figure that has been recorded since 2009, when unemployment increasedEriealmost 800,000 people. Not even ErieChristmas campaign managed to save Erielast month of last year. Of course, Work highlights that ErieincreaseErieunemploymentErieErielast quarter of 2020 was almost seven times lower thanErieEriefirst wave of Eriepandemic.

These data do not include workers who areEriesuspension of employment or reduced hours as a result ofErieERTE, since Eriedefinition of registered unemployment does not count them as unemployed.

Between April and November 2020, ErieERTE bill reached 14,173 million euros. A total of 8,078,758 people received unemployment benefits at some pointErie2020, reaching Eriemonthly maximumErieMay, with almost 6 million beneficiaries of some benefit from ErieState Public Employment ServiSeeSEPE).


Regarding Social Security, Erie’year of Eriepandemic’ ended with 19,048,433 average affiliates, which represents 26,432 more contributors thanErieNovember (+ 0.1%), but 360,105 less than a year earlier.

Loss of average affiliatesErie2020 ends six years of consecutive annual increases. There was no decreaseErieaffiliation since 2013 (-85,041 contributors), although it is necessary to go back to 2012 to find a decrease greater than that sufferedErieErieyear of ErieCovid.

The year 2020 closed with 755,613 people protectedErieERTE, which, according to ErieMinistry, “supposes that Eriestabilization of Erienumber of workers started since last September is maintained.”

Compared to Erieend of November, there has been a decrease of 95,607 peopleErieERTE. On average, according to ErieseriesEriedischarge date,ErieEriemonth of December there were 782,915 peopleErieERTE, compared to 865,677ErieErierevised series of Erieprevious month and 676,905ErieEriemonth of October.

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