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unfortunate show in Las Ventas



Sevillian poster: the three bullfighters who now more clearly represent the classic Sevillian aesthetic, that of Chicuelo, Pepe Luis, Pepín Martín Vázquez, Manolo González, Manolo Vázquez, Curro Romero… Let’s not forget that Madrid has always been absolutely in love with this guy of bullfighting For this reason, the “No tickets” sign is hung again. The disappointment is greater: neither bulls nor bullfighters. It could be summed up in a few movie titles: ‘Total loss’ or ‘The harder the fall’.

I remember background. This same poster of bulls and bullfighters has already been given this year in Valencia and Seville, with the same result: strong disappointment, due to the laziness and lack of caste of Juan Pedro’s bulls. But the artist bullfighters continue to sign up for this iron, hoping that a collaborating bull will come out, which will allow them to display their aesthetics.

It is true that sometimes that happens, but not always. And that, for an authentic victory, Las Ventas requires a different type of bull, one that is more embedded: by beating complicated bulls, El Juli and Roca Rey have triumphed.

The three right-handers arrive in a very different situation: Morante, in fullness, pointing to different encastes. Ortega and Aguado have begun to raise serious doubts because they have not been able to impose their dominance on bulls that demanded it: they did not do a good job April Fair; in San Isidro, Aguado was not well, with the bulls of La Quinta; nor Ortega, with those of Jandilla. Morante will fight the Charity bullfight; the other two say goodbye to the Fair this afternoon. For them, it is a serious test. When a bullfighting biography is still short, verónicas are not enough, however beautiful they may be.

The first lunges off, it falls short. Morant he invents a set or two lucidos, no more. When calling him for the natural, he suffers a disarmament: the face of the right-hander is not exactly happy. He tries again, sees that the bull is useless and gives up. Entering without confidence, he sticks his hand in with skill: in this bull, we have seen the predictable non-faena and the predictable whistles are heard, without acrimony. He was a factious but more peaceful than those narrated by Galdós, in ‘One more factious and some less friars’.

The fourth jumps out, hitting jumps. The fight is a disaster. They pray that the bull falls and they return it but no luck, it resists. Summarizes a neighbor: “The bull does not go forward or back.” Morante comes out with the sword to kill, removes the flies and, fleeing, kills him the third time. the fight is epic, like on those afternoons at Curro Romero… They cry out asking for “Bulls, bulls!” People console themselves by beeping.

The second protests on the horse, it is very short. John Ortega he invents a few precious speedwells, with his peculiar vintage style, sinking his chin into his chest. The bull can not stand a remove for aprons, without forcing him. On the crutch, he defends himself on both sides, brawling. Ortega tries but does not solve the difficulties and people get impatient. He takes it away from the second. He accurately sentences a castizo: «Ná de ná». The bull was Tendentious and a neighbor adds: «In the Spain of Pedro Sánchez, like this one, in small bundles…»

When the fifth comes out faltering, many expect him to fall to change it but no, he recovers and ends up attacking with nobility. Ortega and Aguado outline some chicuelinas. toast to Agustin Diaz Yanes. The bull is very manageable, which is always expected in a Juan Pedro bullfight. Ortega tries, he achieves some acceptable crutches but snags arise, he is poorly placed, the division of opinions grows. The second he achieves the lunge but everything has been in very little. And the worst: this time it has not been possible to blame the bull.

The third, a beautiful splash, moves better but falters. it bites well Mario Benitez and places two big pairs Iván García. The bull, noble and fair, seems tailor-made for Aguado: he plays with Veronica’s arms, tries a right hand but everything dissolves. He accompanies the onslaught with aesthetics but he doesn’t command and the job doesn’t work out. He kills badly, without confidence.

The sixth hits dry defeats on the crutch of Watery, who tries but cannot overcome the difficulties. I hear a blunt judgment: “It doesn’t go on.” He is referring, of course, to putting himself in the place where the bulls that are not very frank can charge. Thus, people get bored and impatient. He kills from afar and without exposing.

The summary is easy: total disaster. An unstoppable lockdown. With two almost impossible bulls, Morante has not risked. Ortega and Aguado have each had a manageable bull, the third and the fifth: they have not been able to overcome the difficulties, they have shown their technical limitations. Without commanding the bull, the aesthetics are too lame…

The first figures will continue to point to this type of bulls, we will continue repeating the same chant. Bullfighting is based on the brave, powerful bull, and on right-handers who command and dominate. I remember the beautiful verse of Joseph Iron: “After all, everything has been nothing.” I mean, this afternoon.

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