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Unics takes revenge against Barça in Kazan

The muscle and the talent of the unique He did not leave Barça an option on his visit to Kazan. The team of Velimir Perasović He was about to attack the palau in the first round, at the end of December. He fell in overtime after dominating by 20 points in the fourth quarter. But this Thursday he confirmed with his victory in the second leg (70-64) that he will be one of the rivals to take into account in the possible crosses of the Euroleague and in the fight for the ‘final four’.

In a game marked by the defense, the physical level of the unique ended up prevailing against a the Barca, that begins to offer positive signs, such as the reappearance of Calathes, after two months off, or the step in front of Higgins (17 points in 21 minutes, Barça’s top scorer) but he is still far from his best level. both the base lorenzo moreno (20 points, 8 assists), as the small forward brown john, intense and tough like few others (20 points, 4 rebounds, 7 steals) raised the bar for a Unics in which Hezonjah (11 points, 11 rebounds) had a supporting role.

Longing for Mirotic

The return of Calathes It is still great news, despite the defeat and the good level that Jokubaitis and Laprovittola have given in their absence. Having overcome his fracture of the left fibula, he had 20 minutes, but he still couldn’t give the team the fluidity it needs. The Barça also missed a lot to mirotic, confined at home after testing positive, despite the efforts of Higgins and a few good minutes of davies, who at times was too stubborn in the personal fight.

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The Hispanic Montenegrin forward is the most reliable reference when the team does not see the light in attack, which happened against unique in some phases of a very thick pulse, fought inch by inch. In such a complicated scenario, just Higgins got da an appropriate level. The Barça shooting guard completed his best performance since he reappeared from his injury. That did not serve, in any case, to drag a team that has lost the good feelings of the first round of the competition due to injuries and positive tests and that tries to meet again as soon as possible, although in that transit it has lost four of his last five games, precisely since the unique passed by the azulgrana field.

Unics Kazan, 70-FC Barcelona, ​​​​64

Unique boiler: L. Brown (22), J. Brown (20), Hezonja (11), Uzinskii (-), Vorontsevich (6) –five starters- Spissu (-), Canaan (6), Brantley (-, Zaitcev (- ), Jekiri (5).

4 of 14 triples. 30 rebounds, 5 offensive (Hezonjah, 11), 17 assists (L. Brown, 8)

FC Barcelona: Calathes (-), Laprovittola (8), Martínez (-), Hayes (5), Sanli (2) –starting five- Davies (16), Exum (-), Smits (6), Higgins (17), Kuric (6), Jokubaitis (2), Nnaji (2).

7 of 22 triples (Higgins, Kuric, 2). 26 rebounds, 8 offensive (Hayes, 6), 10 assists (Calathes, 5).

Partials: 17-14; 14-21; 23-13; 16-16

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