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Unidos Podemos asks to “normalize” the diplomatic relationship with Venezuela

The deputy of United We Can and Secretary General of the PCE, Enrique Santiago, aspires that the Government “normalize” diplomatic relations with Venezuela and believes that the photo that Pedro Sánchez took with the Venezuelan opponent Leopoldo López is “not adequate at this time”, although he considers it “an internal matter” of the PSOE.

In an interview with the Efe Agency, Santiago – who acts as a spokesperson for IU in the confederal group and is considered very close to the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias – thus responds to the decision of the Government of do not replace the ambassador in Caracas and to send a chargé d’affaires in his place, claiming that the 2018 presidential elections were not “fair or transparent”, as the EU maintains.

“All the elections in Venezuela have been observed by international organizations, from the Carter Foundation to the OAS or the EU. There has never been any challengeTherefore, for us the results are absolutely valid and the different forces can concur … Even Mr. (Juan) Guaidó was elected deputy, “says Enrique Santiago.

For this reason, the PCE leader hopes that diplomatic relations with that country and with all of Latin America will be “normalized”, since neither in BoliviaRemember, there is currently an ambassador. “We believe that it is what corresponds”, affirms.

Regarding the accusations of the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, about Spain being the epicenter of the conspiracy against his regime, Santiago replies: “He will know, he will have reasons to say so, I imagine.”

The reform of the CGPJ was an “emergency exit”

The deputy of United We Can defends that the reform of the judicial power presented together with the PSOE was an “emergency solution” to the blockade of the PP, but claims that the final objective of those of Pablo Iglesias is that the “government of the judges” is elected at the polls and they will promote it in Congress if possible this legislature.

“They are thinking about it, it is a proposal that no one thinks is bad,” he specifies the question of whether the proposal has been discussed with the PSOE.

Santiago is “skeptical” with the possibility that the Government and the PP reach an agreement for the renewal of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) because those of Pablo Casado have “had numerous opportunities”, and for that reason he believes that it will be necessary to maintain the proposal that 12 of the 20 members of this body can be elected by an absolute majority and not a two-thirds majority.

However, I would consider an agreement to be good news if this means that the CGPJ “ceases to be at the service of the powerful” and that sentences such as this week of the Castor do not occur. “What a shame that the Supreme Court agreed to hand over 1.3 billion euros to the banks on account of the Castor fraud. We are going to pay all citizens, “he laments.

On the situation of the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, after a judge has asked the Supreme Court his accusation says it is “impossible” that it happens and that it will be necessary to see “what are the responsibilities for organizing this immense smear campaign” against him.

With regard to the secretary of the Podemos Organization and deputy Alberto Rodríguez, who did not come to testify voluntarily before the Supreme Court for an alleged crime of attack against agents of authority, he asks for “presumption of innocence” and does not believe that they will be charged.

“If he were convicted of a crime incompatible with political representation, of course he would have to resign, but that is a long way forward … If he is convicted of an assault on another human being, be it a policeman or a street sweeper, it seems to me that it would be very unworthy hold a public office, “he says.

PGE: “Cs votes are unnecessary”

The secretary general of the PCE maintains that the Government has “an investiture block with sufficient strength as to agree on the budgets “and, although he welcomes the support of Ciudadanos if those of Inés Arrimadas want to give it, he warns that their votes are” unnecessary. ”

“We will never agree that, in order to guarantee unnecessary votes, the social investment or the money that is destined to the attention of vulnerable social groups is limited,” says Santiago, arguing that in “general terms” already there is a “great agreement” between the forces that supported Sánchez’s inauguration, among which he mentions ERC and the PNV.

Need that it is not a “one hundred percent” agreement. “But the general line is more than pre-established,” says Santiago, who says that Unidos Podemos is already working on the amendments that it will present to its own accounts to include requests from city councils, social groups or other political groups.

In addition, he ponders that United We can achieve the commitment of the PSOE to promote within a period of a few months a state law to regulate rent which will make Spain – he affirms – the first European country to control prices, although it will leave for later the request that bank floors can be made available to citizens.

It highlights the path initiated by the Executive to eliminate tax exemptions for companies and raise personal income tax on high incomes, an increase that is much shorter than what Unidos Podemos intended, but justifies that “the correlation of forces is what it is” .

Long extension prevents “permanent wear”

“Respect the criticism in democracy” from some government partners such as Compromís and More Country because President Pedro Sánchez limits his appearances to one every two months during the state of alarm, but defends that “few countries and few governments have given more information and been more transparent” than that of Spain.

And says that renewing the alarm every 15 days “has caused brutal wear and tear”, that he does not want “opportunities” to be given to those who have shown “that they have no interest in protecting the collective welfare,” he says of the opposition.

“Vox is the closest thing to the Spanish Falange that we have seen in life, in his speech, in his violence, in his way of acting … “, draws attention to Enrique Santiago, who thinks that the” neo-Franco right wing that was always in the PP “has emerged” without any kind of complexes. ”

Nor does he share the reluctance to be the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and not the president, who defended the extension. “We will never be right, there will always be criticism because they always try to attack the Government,” he says.

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